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I wrote this a few weeks ago on blogger. The reason i came to WordPress was because i kept getting views by bots and not real people, this is what i wrote. OK im back from tennis now. we have more or less the same routine every time we go. Firstly we start off by hitting a few long shots to each other for about half an hour to get our eye in (or eyes) then we have a match. We usually have about 6 games. Unfortunately today my big brother Adam won by 4 games to 2,then we warmed down a bit by doing a few more long shots again (usually we play the square game where we both stand near the net and have to try and get each other out by hitting it in the squares). To be honest im having a few problems with sports in general. For example today at football i didn’t score any goals or set anyone up, but usually i set 1 or 2 goals up and get 1 or 2 in myself (i play as a striker). And tennis for the past month or so i cant seem to beat Adam. oh well, im going to have a shower now and then go on THE LAST OF US for a hour. Its a new ps3 game which has had loads of good reviews and supposed to be one of the best games of this generation of consoles.

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Bad with my nerves.


I go to a special college in Manchester for people with all different types of Autism. I go Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 1pm till 3pm. Now on Mondays our class goes and plays football.(This post happened a few weeks ago) So to start with everyone stands in a circle and started doing warmups whilst i stand outside of the circle because i don’t like it   (it makes me feel nervous). Then we ran around the pitch 5 times. Then finally to practice our shooting our teacher set us up and we each took turns to shoot at the net. I felt nervous waiting in the line because of the anticipation of my turn. We all had 2 shots each at the net and my second shot (i was the very last person to shoot) hit the top right of the football post and bounced up about 30 ft in the air and landed on a ledge behind a 15ft fence. Everyone started asking me questions then like “is it my football” ( which it is because i always bring mine in so everyone can play with it ) but because everyone kept asking me questions i felt a bit shaky and even more nervous.After that another teacher found a big pole and tried to push it back over but it slipped down from the ledge into a tight gap. anyway after we got another football from inside the college we started playing and our team won 1-0 a third teacher climbed over and got it ( he was like spider man) so i was very grateful. When i got home my mum wasn’t in and i remembered she said i might have to wait 10 minute’s for her to come back with the key. I waited 20 minutes in the back garden and then i heard my little brother running around  the side to see if i was there ( my grandad picks him up from primary school and brings him home ). They hadn’t got a key either so we had to wait another 30 minutes for mum to arrive back home with the key ( we couldn’t ring her because me or grandad both don’t have a mobile phone ). Anyway when i got  back home i  prepared myself for tennis  because i was going to the Reebok playing with my big brother. I will do another post later telling you  how it went. Thanks for reading.



A few weeks ago i went to my brothers house with the rest of my family because my aunty Lynsey (who had come down from London for a few days) wanted to see my brother and his girlfriend and their kids. Anyway because there was about 12 or 13 people in the living room ( i dont like it when there is 2 or more people in a room with me apart from my closest family) i went and sat in our family car and read a few pages of Roald Dahls MATILDA whilst i waited for my step dad and my little brother to come out to go home. And when i had had enough of reading and put the book down i head a gangs of kids coming up the street. They was only about 7-10 years old the majority of them and they was just joking around and being loud. And then they all started swearing and stuff like hooligans at a football match saying stuff like “im going to knock her out” (but the explicit version) and things like that. Also they was “looking” after another kid aged only about 3 years old. How can a 8 year old look after someone 3 years old in the streets. Anyway my point is its not how i remember playing out when i was younger, i don’t ever remember me and my friends swearing and looking after toddlers. it makes me sad to think about the kids these days.I miss the good old days, .

My Dad


I will tell you about my real dad. Firstly i think he has undiagnosed autism because he gets excited about stuff like painting and decorating houses (his own painting and decorating company). Of course you should be glad you’ve got more work for a few weeks, but he just cant switch his mind of thinking about work, even when he should be going to sleep. I know all this because my big brother Adam tells me because i haven’t seen dad for a few years. Thats because if i don’t see a person for a few months it becomes really difficult for me to see them again because its like meeting a new person again. Im not very good at meeting new people ( ive got a bit better over the years ) but its still really tricky. I will explain more about how i feel about meeting people in another post sometime.

Questions about Autism and old blog.


Hi again, if you have anyone in your family or a friend maybe who is autistic and you dont understand them ask me a question about it and i will try to help because i once owned a blog on wordpress before and i had 100s of viewers and people used to ask me questions about their sons and daughters and i used to give the best help i could. Oh and i will post a link to my old blog sometime

Autism And Me


Hi im a 20 year old autistic boy ( or man as some people would say, but i dont liked to be called that ) from Bolton England. I have OCD as well which stands for obsessive compulsive order, which means i sometimes feel the need to do something 3 times or i think one of my family will get hurt or something. I will use this blog for different things like what i have done that day or maybe small reviews about things like games and random stuff like that. My writing will not be very good at first but overtime i hope i will improve. Thanks for reading.