A few weeks ago i went to my brothers house with the rest of my family because my aunty Lynsey (who had come down from London for a few days) wanted to see my brother and his girlfriend and their kids. Anyway because there was about 12 or 13 people in the living room ( i dont like it when there is 2 or more people in a room with me apart from my closest family) i went and sat in our family car and read a few pages of Roald Dahls MATILDA whilst i waited for my step dad and my little brother to come out to go home. And when i had had enough of reading and put the book down i head a gangs of kids coming up the street. They was only about 7-10 years old the majority of them and they was just joking around and being loud. And then they all started swearing and stuff like hooligans at a football match saying stuff like “im going to knock her out” (but the explicit version) and things like that. Also they was “looking” after another kid aged only about 3 years old. How can a 8 year old look after someone 3 years old in the streets. Anyway my point is its not how i remember playing out when i was younger, i don’t ever remember me and my friends swearing and looking after toddlers. it makes me sad to think about the kids these days.I miss the good old days, .


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