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Has anyone’s brothers or sisters been annoying you lately? My brother Tom has ( he is 9 years old ). He has not only been annoying me, he has been annoying all of our family by being rude and silly all the time. Partly it is because he is addicted to Mine-craft so when he eventually comes off it he doesn’t know what else to do apart from go back on, so he messes about until he is allowed back on and as a result aggravates everyone. Also he learns a lot of this bad behavior from the playground at school, and then he comes back home and copy’s it. My Mum and step-dad also hardly tell him off or punish him like sending him to his room (i used to get at least 3 punishments a day for being naughty), so if he doesn’t  get a punishment he will obviously wont stop. Why don’t they just ban him from Mine-craft for a week? Its obvious. Trust me if they did it instead of keep saying it he would soon stop. They wont ban him off Mine-craft because if he didn’t go on that they wouldn’t know what to do with him. Its just to easy to say ” bring the laptop in your room Tom and go on Mine-craft “. They are too interested in my sister Jessica instead of Me, Tom and Jess. Im sorry this post has been a bit of a rant but i feel a bit aggravated because of Tom at the moment and there has been some very bad things going on at the moment which i cant tell you about. My mum will probably shout at me later for writing this post(she is following my blog from her emails).

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Hi my little brother Tom has set up a YouTube channel. Would everyone please click the link i will give you in a minute. He is only 9 years old so he is not allowed to have comments on his vids because there is a lot of not very nice people out there who would write something stupid to deliberately upset people. He is going to be doing Mine craft videos so if you have any kids that like video games ( or yourself ) they would love them. Please thumbs the video up to show him support and subscribe if you like.

THANK YOU you will make him very happy if he gets more likes/favourites or subscribers (especially subscribers)



ImageWhen i will return to college i will feel like Harry Potter. Do you know when he returns after the summer holidays and he immediately feels at home i will feel sort of like that. Not that i will feel like im going home but i am going back to where people know me better there. Thats why when i go to college i can speak to almost anyone there. Its because they know about Autism and they understand the right and wrong things to do and not to do. I don’t hardly ever speak to anyone whos not in my family when i am not in college because for example they would wonder why i don’t do eye contact and other things like that. So that’s why i cant really speak to people outside of college and i also get really nervous because of this as well.

Yesterday as well i went to the Trafford Center with my family and my step dad preordered the PS4 for me. Basically i gave him the £20 deposit and he went to the till and did it all for me (i am grateful). They gave me a receipt of it and i can basically can keep paying bits of off the price. I am very excited for the PS4 and i will be very glad when it comes out. I am also going to start saving up for Assassins creed 4 as well which looks a great game. Oh and by the way i probably wont get the PS4 on release date now because i was to late preordering it. If you preordered it before the 6th August you was Imageguaranteed it on launch day. But because i was late i will get one from the second batch unless people cancel, then i will move up the list.

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ImageRemember when i said i like taking photos. Well a few years ago I added a few to flickr. These photos are special to me because i took them when i had a mental breakdown so they represent a difficult time in my life that I partially overcome. If you like these please tell me in the comments. One day i may take up photography again especially if people want to see my pictures.

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ImageThe past week has been an absolute nightmare, especially for my brother Adam. Remember a few posts back when i said that we had broken down going to that job? Well when he got to the garage the man said that it had completely broke and had to scrap it. The very next day we had the day off so Adam could search around and try to find a works van as quickly as possible, because he has a lot of jobs on in the next few weeks he really needed to buy one that day. He ended up buying  a blue Peugeot van. On the way home you never guess what happened? It broke down. Literally about 5 miles from where he had got it from. He thought it was due to not running for a while so he left it ten minutes with the bonnet open because of all the steam. Then he tried it and it worked straight away. He managed to get home then. The next day he picked me up to go to the the garage where his old van was and get all the decorating stuff out of the back of the van and transfer it over to his new one. When we had done Adam realized that we hadn’t got the stepladders and i remembered that they was up at someones house near darwen moors. So we drove there and just as we got past the place where his white van broke down his Peugeot broke down. I felt sorry for my brother because he had just paid out £700 pounds for it and it had broke down twice already. Anyway we waited thirty minutes and tried it and it worked again so we drove and got the stepladders and then set back off to the job we was supposed to be going to. Guess what happened as we was going through Bolton town center? It broke down for the third time in 2 days. We needed to get to that job somehow because my brother has spent a lot of money because of the vans. Like he had to pay someone to retrieve his white van and take it to the garage and other things like that. So we waited another 30 minutes and luckily it worked because on the third time it broke down we heard a big bang. I thought something had exploded. We finally got there at about half 12. So it took us about 3 hours altogether. when we had finished for the day he decided to drive me home and leave the van on our drive whilst he decided what to do with it. And from then on our stepdad has had to take Adam everwhere for a few days while he tries to get a loan from the bank to pay for a new vehicle. These vans have nearly made Adams Painting and Decorating business bankrupt. I have been feeling sorry for him because he doesnt deserve it and he has to get to work because hes got his own family to provide for. Anyway wish Adam good luck please and i hope he gets it sorted.

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