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new puppy

hi everyone, for the past few days i have been playing Grand Theft Auto 5 that is why i haven’t posted. And when i have had time to post i have just been tired probably because it has been the first week of going back to college. I don’t get physically tired at college I get mentally tired so it takes it out of me. Anyway yesterday we all went to look at some cavalier king Charles puppies from a breeder. 1 of our dogs called  William died about 5 month ago now so my Mum thought now was the right time to get a new puppy. I pushed myself to go in and have a look with the rest of my family because if we was going to get one then at least i had seen him or her for the very first time with everyone else. There was 2 to choose from when we went in and my Mum decided on a little boy. I would have preferred the little girl one but it was Mums choice, the boy is just as nice though. They paid a deposit and we are going to collect him on Tuesday. But while we was there i got annoyed by my sister because she was doing stupid things with the dogs and spoiled it for me. She knew what she was doing and she knows it annoys me so i went back to the car by myself (i also wanted to go because i had spent enough time in someone else’s house. That was a big achievement for me). When i got in the car i locked all the doors from the inside so they could not get in when they came back to the car 10 minutes later. I know i shouldn’t have done it but i was annoyed that Jess spoilt it for me so i wanted to spoil it a bit for them to. I let them in after about 3 minutes because i knew it was wrong what i was doing. I have been a bit depressed lately as well because of things like college. And I am also fed up of having Autism. I Cant go in the shops by myself of speak to anyone i don’t know or if i haven’t seen someone for a few years i cant speak to them too. You are very lucky to not have Autism because it certainly controls my life. Oh and by the way Mums called the new Puppy George, i will put a picture of him on here soon. Thanks for reading.





All over weekend i have been nervous about going back to college. And it has affected me in different ways, like i got angry about something and i punched the wall (this happened yesterday on Sunday)  and i only do stupid things like that when i have something on my mind that i am worried about. And as a result of punching the wall i have hurt my knuckle, its the small knuckle on my right hand if your interested, and i am not sure if it is broke or not. It hurts when you touch it but i would expect if it was broke it would be really a lot more painful. I hope i have not damaged it because i would have to go to the hospital and that would be a whole new thing to worry about. Anyway after all of that the weekend rolled by and it was soon Monday (today). When i got to my college, me and my taxi driver waited outside the doors at reception for someone to come out to meet us. We was waiting for about 30 minutes until someone came out. It was another teacher who i had seen before but never worked with. But this time i did things a bit slower like for e.g i didn’t go in the college today just while i get used to the place again. And another good thing is that there was hardly anyone outside of college today so it was a lot calmer and quieter and this allowed me to prepare my mind without all the sound interrupting me from focusing. So all i did today was show my Taxi driver these absolutely massive pumpkins (1of them i reckon is about 3 foot in diameter)  which are being grown near the greenhouse and i also played football for the rest of the time. It would seem to an ordinary person that i haven’t done much today but for me i am laying the groundwork so i can build on this throughout the term and also throughout the year. Thanks for reading.




ImageHi, i said i was going to do a post yesterday on the 12th but i forgot about it. So sorry about that. Basically in this post i am going to tell you about what happened when i went back to college yesterday. I only do a few hours a day at college so i don’t need to get up early because i start at about 1pm. So i did all my usual stuff that i do on college days. I got up at about 11am, had a shower and went down for my lunch. After that it was soon time for my taxi driver to pick me up. I was apprehensive about going back to college because if i don’t do thing for a few weeks i become nervous again about it. So anyway my taxi driver picked me up and took me to college. when we got there we waited for a teacher to come outside to meet me (this is what always happens). I was expecting a teacher called John to come out and meet me because he always does on a Thursday. Anyway we waited 15 minutes and someone came out. It wasn’t john, it was someone called Steve who i do know but it completely threw me off because i just wasn’t expecting it.  After i spoke to him for a few minutes he said that i needed to give my new inhaler to the nurse inside. i agreed to go in and do it but as soon as i did so i knew it was a bad idea. i felt uneasy when i got to college because loads of people where milling about as it was the first day, and of course there are a lot of new students so it was even busier inside. So i gave the inhaler to the nurse and she started to ask lots of questions and everyone was bustling about so it was sensory overload (my Mum tells me that’s what it was). And on top of that another teacher came over and started speaking to me so i just had to get out of there so i walked off. When i got back outside i felt shaky and nervous so i told my taxi driver i was going home. So my Teacher (Steve) spoke to me for a few minutes and i went back home then feeling disappointing with myself. I am going to try again on Monday ( i don’t go on Fridays) so i am not looking forward for that. It is harder to get used to it this time because a lot of things have changed so it will take me longer. Anyway Thanks for Reading.