All over weekend i have been nervous about going back to college. And it has affected me in different ways, like i got angry about something and i punched the wall (this happened yesterday on Sunday)  and i only do stupid things like that when i have something on my mind that i am worried about. And as a result of punching the wall i have hurt my knuckle, its the small knuckle on my right hand if your interested, and i am not sure if it is broke or not. It hurts when you touch it but i would expect if it was broke it would be really a lot more painful. I hope i have not damaged it because i would have to go to the hospital and that would be a whole new thing to worry about. Anyway after all of that the weekend rolled by and it was soon Monday (today). When i got to my college, me and my taxi driver waited outside the doors at reception for someone to come out to meet us. We was waiting for about 30 minutes until someone came out. It was another teacher who i had seen before but never worked with. But this time i did things a bit slower like for e.g i didn’t go in the college today just while i get used to the place again. And another good thing is that there was hardly anyone outside of college today so it was a lot calmer and quieter and this allowed me to prepare my mind without all the sound interrupting me from focusing. So all i did today was show my Taxi driver these absolutely massive pumpkins (1of them i reckon is about 3 foot in diameter)  which are being grown near the greenhouse and i also played football for the rest of the time. It would seem to an ordinary person that i haven’t done much today but for me i am laying the groundwork so i can build on this throughout the term and also throughout the year. Thanks for reading.


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  1. I’m glad you took Monday a bit slower Paul. Hopefully today went even better. Now do you end up with the same taxi driver each day, or different drivers every day? I’m guessing you must be fairly comfortable with many of them by now.

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