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Yesterday i heard some more bad news. My first disabled nurse called Christine has died. Thats the 4th person who has died within our family and friend circle within about 4 or 5 months. First there was our dog William, then Dave (uncle) then Jack ( dads wife’s dad), Then Christine. She was really nice though Christine. She did stuff like paint our garden shed with me and she took me up in the hills for a drive once because i wanted to see the bats, and she was the only person who would do it at that time. She was on holiday when she died. In Mexico. Her son who is about 16 is stuck over there by himself. i cant imagine how he must feel. But that got me thinking. Every night for the past 3 months as i lay in bed i have been praying to whoever controls us that he/she looks after all of my family and all of my family’s friends ( i don’t know who i am praying to by the way, i guess i am hoping someone will listen). He hasn’t done any of that. In fact quite the opposite. I don’t know how i feel about people dying. i have always said a meteor should come down and wipe out Humans because of all the bad things in the world like People who shoot kids or beat them up or turn them into slaves. But for every bad person in the world there are 100 good ones. Thats the problem with me, i cant decide whats best because my mind flicks between the good points and the bad points of a debate. I am just fed up this year of all our family’s bad luck. i dont feel as upset about Christine dying now because i am used to death this year. I have become numb to it for the time being. But i am not going to pray anymore because since i did nothing has gone right. My mum and Nan have been going to church for the past few years and they seem to be happier since they went. But they have become not as nice as before. Like once my Nan said that me and my brother are not going to heaven because we don’t believe in a god. We believe other things but not a “GOD” as in other people know it. So my Nan pretty much said we where going to hell. It seems they went to church to find God but came home possessed by the Devil. So it seems religion isn’t all its cracked up to be. I want to believe in God but i have seen how it affects people. A lot of wars are started because of religion. Why all this death from a supposedly good thing. Thanks for reading, please like this post but most importantly comment. Thank you very much.





when we lived at our last house i saw 3 ghosts. 1 was an animal and the other two was people. I saw the 2 people first. One night i was lying in my bed. My older brother shared the room with me and he was asleep on the other side of the room. Anyway i dont remember how i first saw them but i remember watching them. One was a lady with long dark hair and the other was a man wearing a bobble hat. You would think that when you would see a ghost you would panic and scream. But i remember watching them for about 2 or 3 minutes really calmly. There was no sudden urge to run out of the room or anything like that. The woman and the man was stood in the middle of the room. Then the woman moved over to my big brother Adams bed. she sat down (i cant remember if it was on the bed or on a chair) and just looked over Adam. She watched him for the full duration of the time that they was there. Then the man walked closer to me and just stood there watching me ( i think he smiled at me). i just looked back. After about 2 minutes or so i think they both walked back into the middle of the room and started fading away into the darkness of the room. After seeing them 2 i got to sleep soon after. Strange, most people would freak if they saw what i saw that night but it somehow seemed to settle me. The next day when i got up i told my Nan and Mum. My Nan seemed to be really interested. Then after a bit she told me it could have been her Mum and Dad who had come to visit us or check on us. But i think her mum didn’t have long dark hair so maybe not. Then i think it was a few years later, in the same house but a different bedroom, i saw a bird in front of me, i think it was a swallow or a swift. It kept on swooping and flying around my room, landing on a shelve and setting off again. I watched this for a few minutes and it disappeared just as the people did.

I have always wished not to see another ghost again. i wasn’t scared when they where there but it is just the thought of them. I don’t really believe in god that much but on the other hand how did i see ghosts? There must be an Afterlife. Oh and it was about 8 or more years ago that this happened so some of the details have faded overtime.Thanks for Reading. Please share, follow and like this comment. Oh and please comment if you want because i love to hear what people say about my blog and posts.




A few weeks ago my brother Adam (a different Adam from college) went to the doctors about his chest. Basically it was because occasionally whenever he got stressed about something he would get pains through his chest near his heart. So he had a scan and it came back that he had a very low heart rate. It was something like 48 beats per minute. The only people who have 48 BPM  is people who are really fit or people who have something wrong with their heart. So we were a bit worried. But i thought it was more to do with being fit. Don’t forget i play tennis with him regularly so he will be quite fit. Anyway he went back to the doctors and spoke to the doc properly about it and basically the doctor said he was just fit. Just as i suspected. But he should still be careful. Oh yes the doctor just said the pains were anxiety and stress build up.So that is some good news (about him being fit).

I thought i would tell you that because i had a problem with My heart when i was a baby. I was born with a hole in my heart. My Mum went to a checkup and they said that  i wasn’t putting on weight and thats because i kept on throwing everything up that i had eaten or drunk. So my mum and me went to the docs the very next day and he sent me straight to the hospital from the doctors. They also called me the boy with no heartbeat because i had a hole in my heart they said they couldn’t hear any heartbeat because the blood was being pushed through the hole rapidly and very loudly, so it was overriding the sound. The hole was about the size of about a 2p coin ( think). After a few weeks they sent me for the operation and i survived (obviously) but only just. My Grandad was physically sick when they rang him to tell him i had gone in for the operation.My mum has pictures of me after the operation and there is loads of tubes and things sticking out of me everywhere. This affected me by things like i had to have special medication when i had anything done at the dentist. I dont know what for exactly. The dentist dont use that medicine anymore because they said that it does more harm than good.

Anyway thanks for reading.




There has been a lot of things going on  lately and some of them really really bad. Firstly one of my uncles has died called Dave. I didn’t really know him but he was family. Basically he got diagnosed with cancer a few moths ago and they gave him 6 months to live. And up until a few weeks ago he was doing really well and would have lived well past his expected 6 months. But one day he was about to come downstairs and he fell all the way down. And after he had been to the hospital and got back home he couldn’t walk very well so he had to stay in bed. And i think this is what made him give up. Because even when he had been diagnosed he had still been carrying on with his life like normal. He even went to work still and played golf. And because he couldn’t do any of that one day in the morning ( about 10 to 8 ) he died. It is very sad because imagine if you had cancer and then fell downstairs causing you to not be able to do any of the things you love. My mum said he was a very strong person. And a few hours later My Dads wife’s Dad also died of cancer and old age. I didn’t know him very well and i only saw him a few times when i was younger. He was a nice man as well.


On a lighter note, i have been doing well at college and have started to become less nervous about going there. I will tell you a funny story about college. It happened just  before the 6 week holidays. Me and my support worker (Adam) was playing football on the grass near some bird tables  and we was taking turns in the net. And when i was taking shots at him i tried to curl the ball  around the bird table and it hit it. it rolled on the grass for about 6 or 7 foot and while it was doing so it literally unraveled itself and broke. It lay there with nails sticking out of it where there had previously been a surrounding edge. Adam was cracking up and laughing a lot and that was when he called it me. He called me Captains Birdsdie (because of all the nails sicking up out of it). I was also really laughing and couldn’t control myself. I thought i would tell you this because today i found a broom to sweep away a puddle in front of the  net because my taxi driver ( Javid )  was going in the net. So i did a good deed for him. I placed the broom at the side leaning against a wall. And about 3 shots in i crossed the ball in to Adam to head it and the wind took the ball and swerved it right onto the broom. And because the broom was propped up leaning against the wall it just completely snapped and collapsed in on itself. I was joking later with them asking them to ” help me hide the evidence”.

So there has been a few ups and downs for me lately. Thanks for reading.




I love watching comedies when i have to settle down at night for bed, so i thought i would share some of my all time favorite series. I think all of these are British so you may not find these ones in America or other places , but i am sure if you searched around you would probably find them if you are interested in watching them.

1. Only Fools And Horses       

2. One Foot in the Grave   

3. Keeping up appearances          

4. Porridge

5. Some mothers do ave em     

6. Dinnerladies           

Trust me all of these are very funny. If you have seen any of these leave a comment and tell me which ones you have watched. Thanks for reading.




We got George back on the Tuesday night and everyone played with him before he went upstairs and slept in a dog crate sort of thing in my sister Jessica’s room. He slept really well that night. He is really playful and loves playing with all of his toys he has got. The only problem with him at the moment is that he is always trying to get peoples shoes, especially the laces. And the other day he actually tried to run off with my Nans sandal. He picked it up from the hall and tried to run outside with it, ( we have a garden enclosed on all sides with fences, so he cant escape ). And as he was going out of the door into the garden the sandal went over the edge of the step and he went with it because it was too heavy for him. My Nan and Grandad love him but grandad plays with him for a bit and then puts him back in his crate because he is hard work for him to look after. But he says he would still like a dog.

I’m nearly into the swing of things now at college. I have met all of the people i will be working with this year, so i am slowly getting used to them all again. I have asked could i do some qualifications at college because i thought whilst i am there for a few more years i could at least try to  leave with something to actually show for it. Something tangible and real instead of just finishing this 3 year challenge. I have asked could i possibly do a Maths qualification, and a Science one and possibly a English one. I may also be changing one of the days to Friday instead of perhaps a Wednesday or Thursday because they play sports on a Friday.

Also my Step-dad went to Paris with his work for 4 days. He is back now being his miserable old self (i am not joking). He brings everyone down with him as well. I suppose he will always be like that now. But it is his birthday tomorrow and he does a lot for our family so i wish him all the best for tomorrow

Thanks For Reading.