2500 PAGE VIEWS !!!


ImageWOO HOO, today i reached my next milestone on my blog. That is of course 2500 page views on my blog (i love stats and numbers of all kinds by the way). My next Target i will go for is 5000 views. I really really thank everyone who has helped me by commenting and reading my posts, you make my life better because i know people actually care about what i say and write on here. I am pleased with how my blog has progressed since my last milestone i set myself. I feel i have expressed myself a little bit better and can get the point across a bit more. I also hope you know me a little better. So out of my 128 followers i thank each and everyone of you. Im off to watch Breaking Bad season 2 now. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Congratulations on 2500 blog views! That is awesome. I am learning a lot from your blog posts. As a mother, it is so helpful to read your feelings and perspective. Thank you for helping others through your sharing and thank you for liking my blog, as well.

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