ImageJust a quick one. it is about a weird dream i had the other day. It was the night when i had tried sertraline for the first time. As i said that night i didn’t go to sleep until late but when i did i dreamt this. I was in the taxi with Javid. We was going on our usual route to my college. i was speaking to him when he said something like “i have something to tell you Paul” and i replied “what”. he told me he had been to the doctors and he had received some bad news. When i asked him what it was he told me had cancer. I thought about it for a moment and wondered about all the parts of a human this disease can effect. I therefore asked him where he had got it. And this is the really weird part. firstly have a guess where he said he had got it. You will never guess. If you do you deserve a reward of some kind. So anyway i asked him and he said “in my eyebrow movement”. What the hell. it wasnt even in his eyebrows. It was the movement of his eyebrows. How can you get cancer in a movement of an object. Thats like saying “my shadow has a cold but i do not”. Told you it was weird. And i bet you didn’t guess it. Dreams are supposed to mean thing sometimes aren’t they? What could this mean. Probably nothing. Please tell me if you liked this post. I will do another post soon telling you about a new tablet i have been trying. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Reminds me of what the doctor said when I told him I didn’t like the nightmares I had when I was taking nortriptylene. He said, “Oh yes, that can enhance the dream architecture.” Well gee whiz, Doc! Thanks for the warning!

  2. Hi Paul and Lillian,

    First I’ll address you first Paul: Austism is a diagnosis that has a wide spectrum from let say 1-10
    as I stated about the side affects and adverse condition it can have… I was under the impression u’re physician stopped Zoloft ( Sertraline) which is a SSRI drug.

    About u’re dream such as Lillian who’s medication is categorized as one of the first anti-depressants
    none as the Triple-Amines with sedative properties totally a medication different than yours, also
    I really don’t know what Lillian’s condition are???

    Going back to the dream you had, is not to far fetched. There is a cancer of the eye lid. The eye brow as you explained is called a nervous twitch, as is blinking one eye consistently or one foot.
    This is what is caused from the “Involuntary Nervous System” (Look it Up)

    Conclusion Paul and Lillian, consult with your phicians. He or she may change Meds. remember
    in the UK i’m a Chemist.

    Wishing both of you good Health,


    • hi anthony. i wondered if you could help me. i wanted to get anxiety tablets to help me with different stuff. but most of all it was for something called shy bladder. is there any natural over the counter tablets or medicine for this shy bladder problem? ( for example kalms) any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sorry I’m late getting back to you, I’ve had several problems myself.
      I just sent you a note asking about Kalms. I guess it’s not a prescription drug.

      When you say shy bladder, most likely it’s do to the medication or what you call the involuntary
      nervous system.( You don’t have any control over it.)
      the other think that would help me , how are you’re sleeping habits.

      Can you send me a list of medication you take, that would help.

      sent only through my e-mail πŸ™‚

      Is everything going well at home (family)?

      Spring is hear and and with the warmer weather Paul thing will be fine !! πŸ™‚


      • hi anthony. My family is doing great thanks for asking. the only medication i have is 4 2 milligrams of melatonin a night. my sleeping pattern is i go to bed at half one in the morning and get up about half 10.

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 12:30 AM, MY LIFE AND LIVING WITH AUTISM. wrote:


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