As i said last time, i told you i would tell you about my new new tablets i have been trying. They are called citalopram. The doctor gave me these and as i did for the last tablets i had, i researched them on the internet. It was pretty much the same as last time. They are SSRI tablets again for a start. I was unhappy with this because i have never reacted well with SSRI’s. Last time a had come out in a rash if you remember. So i decided to try these tablets. After all the doc knows better than me. I lasted 3 days this time and i decided to come off them. one of the reasons for this is because i had got another rash after the second day. It is worse than last time. Another reason i came of these tablets is because of water retention. When i had researched this tablet on the internet i had seen that water retention is a side affect. But a pretty rare one. on the tablets i could go hours and hours without needing the toilet. If you have water retention i think the cells in your body hold a lot more water so you can put on weight. I call this fake weight because it is just water weight. It is not actually fat. I didnt become bigger because i wasnt on the tablets long enough for that to happen. but i didnt want that to happen so it was another reason why i chose to come of them. Another reason why, which is linked to the last bit, is i was sweating a lot more when i did football of things like that. Obviously that is because my body was getting rid off the excess water. But it was just another side affect. The final reason why i decided to come off them is i thought i need to try more natural remedies to help with my anxiety. For example kalms. To be honest i am not happy on them because they are working a treat but i dont really like having all these tablets. So i was researching on the internet for other possibility’s and i came across something called rescue remedy. It is a spray that you spray on your tongue and it is supposed to relieve anxiety. I will buy it when i have got some more money. Ok before i go i will tell you the good parts about having citalopram. I felt more happier. So that was good. And i suppose the other good thing is i didnt have weird dreams like last time. That is pretty much it. That is the only good benefits that it did. I dont know why the doc prescribed them though because they are anti depression tablets. I wanted something for anxiety. Never mind. I will try natural things now like i said. For the past few days i have been really busy so i havent wrote as much on my blog. And i for some reason havent been in the mood for writing as well. No idea why. I hope that changes soon because i really enjoy interacting with you guys, and waiting for you opinions and thoughts about each post i do. The next post i will probably do is about a bad night i had the other day. Anyway thanks to you amazing people for reading. See you next time.

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  1. I have seen how the SSRI’s can mess with a person’s body. Side effects can sometimes be worse than what the drug is trying to treat. My children take GABA calm prior to social situations and it seems to help most of the time. It’s a tablet that just dissolves under the tongue. I hope you find something that will help you.

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