This blog now has beaten my old blog in views. My old blog i did about 6 or 7 years ago now i think. I think a few of you will find it very interesting because it just shows how far i have come. I surprise myself sometimes when i look on it because of the way i wrote and things that troubled me at the time. Like there is one post i wrote where i say that i am scared of going to sleep in case of  having bad dreams. It amazes me sometimes how i used to be. Anyway i hope you find it interesting. Please comment on this blog how you find it as i dont write on that blog anymore.



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  1. Congratulations for your progress! When my son was young we were involved in a special program where we had to report back every three months. Sometimes I would be discouraged because it seemed like he hadn’t changed but when I would read the past reports I would be surprised at how much he actually had accomplished. I think it’s good to write things down so you can at how far you’ve come.

  2. Congratulations on surpassing your old log numbers, Paul! You have come a long way (I haven’t read them all but I did read a few). You should be proud of yourself.

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