I couldnt find a good picture for the title, so i chose this. WHAT A QUIFF

Yesterday i came home from college early. I was annoyed. I went to college and because one of my support workers called Alex has a new job (still in my college) i worked with a new support worker called Paul (same name). And we started playing football for 10 minutes like usual to settle me into the college. And after about 4 or 5 minutes someone came over and said something like ” can you pass us the ball in a minute because it is time for Paul to go in”. Firstly i was annoyed because i have a set routine what i stick to that works, and she was trying to change it by telling me to go in. And secondly i was annoyed about it because she is always asking me to do stupid things all the time. Like once she asked me to go and get these pair of gloves that wasn’t even mine and move them. Not as easy as it sounds. They was in a sort of garden in the center of our college, and there are doors locked to stop you from going in. So we (me and my support worker) had to go around to about 5 different people to get a key to unlock the door to get these glove. Pointless. I wasted all the time i was supposed to be working, getting them. Another time she wanted me to go to the other college (a short walk from my college) and try to sort out me sitting my GCSE test there. Thats supposed to be there job. So i suppose i was annoyed at her from them times as well. So when she came and started to mess up the routine of football, i felt angry. I walked off and told them i was going home. The woman didnt hear this because she had walked off. Then Paul the new support worker started to shout to her. He seemed a bit panicked. He asked was it because of him and i told him no. He kept saying i need to go in and do some work. I told him i will go in then, grab my work and bring it home. Thats what i did. When i went inside the woman was there. I grabbed my work quickly. I went to the front door and before i reached it i said “can i go out please Barbara”. Barbara’s the receptionist. I did this so the door would slide open when i reached it. I didnt have to wait. As i was walking to the taxi the woman was following me saying things like “im going to have to call your Dad”. I replied “ok then”. I wasnt bothered i just wanted to get out of there. So i walked to the taxi that was parked around the corner. She talked to Javid and Paul. I thought about running off because i wanted to go and they was stood there talking. Infact i told Paul when he was shouting her that i would run off if she came over. He said it wouldnt be a clever thing to do. As i stood there waiting for Javid i was filling up with rage. It was a good job i had 2 kalms. I would have been worse. Any way i hid around the corner until i saw Javid, then i got in the taxi and drove home. i was calm going home because of the Kalms and because i knew i was safe. I do like the woman but she is a bit intense. My review is tommorow. That is where they tell my Mum and who-ever else goes (Adam and maybe Tim even though Tim isnt interested) about how i have been doing at college. Like my progress and stuff. Anyway i will tell you how it went either tommorow or the next day. Thanks for reading.

P.S i called her the woman so i wont name names.


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  1. I’m wondering if your staff or parents can speak with her so she doesn’t approach things in the way that she does. I can see the problem is NOT that you don’t want to follow the school rules, it’s her approach that upsets you. I wish someone could speak with her, because I think all of this would be easily corrected if she understood that SHE is upsetting you.

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