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Ever since i started doing exercise to lose weight i have kept a couple of small pieces of paper in my room to record my weight. I weigh myself at around 10 o clock in the morning every Wednesday. You are supposed to weigh yourself at the same time and every week to keep a good idea of where you are in your weight loss. So here is my record of my weight:

JAN 15th 2014  14st, 4 and a half pounds

JAN 23rd 2014   14st, 2 and a half pounds   =  lost 2 pounds

JAN 29th 2014   14st, 1 pound   =  lost 1 and a half pounds

FEB 5th 2014     13,13 and a half  = lost 1 and a half pounds

FEB 12th 2014    13,12 and a half  = lost 1 pound

FEB 19th 2014   13,11 and a half = lost 1 pound

FEB 26th 2014    13,9 and three quarters = lost 1 and 3 quarters

MARCH 5th 2014  13, 9 and a half  = lost a quarter of a pound

MARCH 12th 2014 13, 8   = lost 1 and a half pounds

MARCH 19th 2014  13,9 and 3 quarters = put on 1 and 3 quarters

MARCH 26th 2014 13,6 and a half = lost 3 and a quarter pounds

APRIL 2nd 2014   13, 6 and a quarter = lost a quarter of a pound

APRIL 9th 2014  13,5 and three quarters = lost half a pound

APRlL 16th  2014 13, 3 and 3 quarters = lost 2 pounds.

So what do you reckon?  I have lost nearly 15 pounds in 14 weeks. My target was to get under 14 stone by the end of the year and i have easily smashed that. My new target is to try and get under the 13 stone mark. By the way a stone is 14 pounds. Its getting really hard to lose weight though now. I will probably tell you what i have been doing to lose weight in my next post. Thanks for reading.