For the past few days i have been keeping busy like i said. I have drawn 3 Pokemon so far. The first one was Butterfree, the second one was Bulbasaur and the third was Piplup. I have been enjoying drawing recently as it gives me something to do for half an hour whilst improving my drawing skills. I know the Pokemon i drew isn’t exactly difficult to draw but as there are over 700 to choose from you can pretty much choose your difficulty level. I have not managed to read but i will try to do that later (im reading Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets at the moment), but i have been getting up and going on my exercise bike for 5 kilometers before my shower. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays i have been also doing weights after the exercise bike. Things like dumbbells and pull downs on the pull up bar ( i am not strong enough yet to do many actual pull ups ). I have been still finding it hard to motivate myself, like for example i wanted to write this yesterday but i didn’t feel up to it so i am doing it today.  On the other hand i have been feeling slightly better in myself. But only slightly. Its still better than nothing though. I have been playing Skyrim on the ps3 in the day so that has kept my mind busy. Keeping my mind busy is one of the most important things i need to do in the holidays because if i become stagnant, that is when i will start to go downhill again, and i dont want that. Anyway here is my drawings:

20140723_14315620140723_143230 20140723_143207

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  1. I’m glad you are feeling slightly better Paul. It’s something:-) And your drawings are amazing. It’s a great talent to have. I have very poor drawing and hand writing skills. I’ve always been embarrassed to show people my handwriting. I had a teacher in junior high tell me once that with hand writing like mine I’d never get out of junior high. It stuck with me. So for all of you teachers out there be careful of what you say to your students. It can has a very negative impact on a young mind.

    Again – awesome drawings!

  2. Wow, you have a real talent for drawing! My son still has a few pokemon things and every so often we catch them on television.
    I agree with your other fans. Take it one day at a time, sometimes it might even need to be one step at a time. Your idea to keep a routine is good too. Before you know it school will be starting and you won’t want to forget all your good study habits.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork.

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