So this is the photo what i said i would upload on Monday. Firstly, this is me. You have never seen me before so atleast now you can put a face to my writings. Secondly, this photo was a result of me and my mum messing about in the kitchen. I put this teatowel on my head and i tried to look holy. My nan thinks i look like jesus and some of my family think i look like a assassin off assassins creed (a video game). What do you think? Thanks for reading.

P.s i was a bit nervous at showing my face

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  1. I don’t know anything about Assasin’s Creed so I can’t tell if you look like them as well. I would go with Holy. Nice picture though. Thanks for posting, it’s nice to put a face to the posts.

  2. A Holy Assassin. While you do look rather holy, I can see assassin in you too! (Ps. I just downloaded the wordpress app to my phone and when trying to pull the post up to comment – I unfollowed you. So I’m sure you got an email telling you I’m following you again – lol) technology is not always my friend haha

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