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If you follow the road, we was in the first big house on the right. You can also see the rocks we climbed on when the sea went out.

I have been back from my holiday now for 1 week. I dont think i told you, but we went to Moelfre in Wales. There isnt any attractions there but we chose it for a rest. People often book that place as sort of a basecamp. For example people will go to places like snowdon from there. It is a massive mountain what you can walk up. Infact i think it is the second biggest mountain in the uk. Ben nevis is first in Scotland. As i was saying we booked it for a rest. And i loved it. The beach was literally 30 seconds walk from where we was. There was also a rock wall that me and Tom loved to climb on. We climbed on it as much as we could. Unfortunataly there was 3 days that where ultra windy, so we obviously couldnt do it then. Tom loves climbing and it boosts his confidance way high. I love to see him like that.  We visited quite a few places in the week we was there. My favourites where Bangor and newborough forest. Bangor had a big church and a few shops so we had a good look around there. Infact we went there twice. And newborough forest was great. There was three paths that you could choose from. There was a beginner one a medium one and a harder walk. I wanted to do the harder walk as it was 5 miles long, but we couldnt because Jessica couldnt have made it around. So we did the shorter one which was about 1.5km i think. This forest was also at the edge of a great beach, so we went on the beach for half an hour after the walk. We found a couple of nice shells so we put them in a little bag and took them home. All in all it was a fantastic holiday. The only drawbacks was i had to sleep in a bunk bed and we had no wi fi in the cottage. The wifi wasnt a massive deal but the bunk bed was. everytime Tom woke up he woke me up by getting of the bed. It wasnt his fault though. Also the bed i was in i only just fit. My feet was right at the end. We all loved it though. Infact we are going again next year but in a different cottage. Its literally across the road from where we was this time. And the cottage we was in this time, my Nan and Grandad and my uncle are going in that one. So that should be interesting. We also went into a pub and i bought everyone a drink. I also bought everyone a drink when we went in for a second time. At the beggining of the week i gave my little bro 10 pounds aswell so he would have some spending money. He bought a sort of gem rock. overall I had a great time and a good relax. Thanks for reading.





Adam said that if he had time he would come to my review at college. He said he would go all week but the day before he remembered he had a little job to do for someone regarding his painting and decorating business. He is a busy man these days. i wanted him to go with us because i like people in my family going to my college. They get to see where i go in the weekdays. And when i speak about things there they have a better understanding about what i mean. He made it with half an hour to go before Javid came and picked us all up. Javid said that it was alright that my Mum, stepdad and my brother Adam came with us that day. It made sense. So we all had a good talk and laugh in the car going. That is good because if we was all serious it would have been more nerve wracking. I was nervous because it was different than my normal routine. People was in the car who usually wasnt there, even though it was just my family. When we got there i went inside to get a football like usual. On my way through the door my support worker on Mondays (Steve) came out just at the same time. he asked me if he could go and introduce himself. I said yes and told him who they was. He went and spoke to them for a short while whilst i got the football and found my support worker Alex. I didnt go into the review with them for a few reasons. one was i hate sitting in a circle where people can see you from all directions. This is why i never sit face on with someone. When they do eye contact it feels like they are staring at you and judging you. Reason two is the fact that there was a lot of people in there. There was about 6 or 7. I can only just cope with 2 other people. So throughout the time i was there it was just normal for me because i did my usual work on a Friday which is photography. Later on when they had finished (it was shorter than usual because Javid had to go as he has another contract now) I asked them what had happened. They told me that the Woman who i have told you about 2 posts ago will go a bit easier now. Which is good. The people in the review said i was the brightest student in the college. Which is absolutely fantastic as there is about 100-150 students in there. So that is a massive plus and i am so pleased with myself. They also said i need to try and improve my time management. I agree with this. But the biggest thing what was mentioned was they said i may have to go to another college which is being built i think nearer to my home. Thats because i can do harder work than what they can set for me, and as well as that, it depends on funding. If i did leave this college i will be sad because i wont see them again and i would have to get used to a whole new place which can take months. I will just have to see what happens. I would be glad though if the new place was better for me like better opportunities and things of that nature. So overall my review went pretty well.

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About 2 posts ago i told you i would tell you about the other night where i had a hard time. It was Forest Gump that started it. By the way this is spoilers if you haven’t seen forest gump before. Im sure you have. You have seen me write about this before.It was about people getting old and deteriorating and eventually dying. Because that’s what happens in Forest gump. his mum ends up dying. And so does his friend in the army. Bubba. And also his girlfriend in the end. this is what i hated. I think it was combined with other stuff at the time as well but by the end of forest gump i was very upset. I felt really down and couldnt be bothered speaking to anyone. I wanted to go to sleep and to forget everything for a few hours. And this time i was even closer to self harming again. Even closer than when i saw Cecilia a couple of months ago. I hated it. Mum obviously knew i was upset because she kept on asking me what was up. She was very worried but i didn’t want to tell her because i think i should be over stuff like this now. People on here told me i shouldn’t feel weak when i get upset but i still do. I feel a hopeless cause. After a short while i went and sat in my bedroom in the dark and leant against my door. It was nicer in the dark because it feels like you are cocooned. you are the Caterpillar and the dark is the chrysalis. I was still upset but liked the sense of emptiness. 5 minutes later Tim and mum came to my door. They asked would i like to go for a drive. I didnt answer. They carried on speaking for a few more minutes and when they knew i wasnt going to speak they told me Tim will wait downstairs until i was ready to go. They know a drive settles me down the most so that is why they offered me a drive. I went down after a few more minutes. I got my big cosy coat on and grabbed my PS Vita. I have lots of music on my PS Vita. We went and i sat in the backseat with my hood up listening to Michael Buble. I feel safe doing this and i can slowly settle back down. I especially love drives when its dark or raining. Preferably both together. I love it. I was feeling a bit better as we pulled up back at my house. I got on with my usual routine after this. I get so upset about people getting older because i cant stand thinking about living without my Nan or grandad or Mum and Tim or my brothers or my sister.  This wont get better in time but i hope to control it better. Later that night when i was watching breaking bad my mum came into my room. She asked me what was wrong and i told her. I find it hard explaining my feeling in words( actually saying them) but this time i did it. So i was sort of pleased. Thanks for reading.



21st birthday

last Sunday it was my 21st birthday. For about 3 days before it i was worried about it though. Mainly this was because a lot of things change on your birthday. For one you get a lot more attention than if it was any other day. I don’t like much attention because i seem to get me a bit nervous and anxious. Another thing is the anticipation of it. You just want things to be smooth and not get people ringing you up all the time saying “Happy birthday” (i don’t like speaking on the phone to people). But it came and went and by the end of the day i felt really ill in my stomach. This was because I don’t like things to end, especially when i was enjoying the day. Yes i actually enjoy it when it gets here, it is just before and after the event that i get worked up about. So anyway, i woke up on Sunday and had a wash whilst i waited for Mum to get up. So we went downstairs and waited for my little brother Tom to come down as well. Then i started to open my cards first. I got 11 cards altogether throughout the day and some of them had money in it. Then i opened my presents. I had 2 presents. 1 was of Mum and the other was off nan. I had said to Mum and Nan when they asked what i wanted was something to remember my big birthday by, because your 21st birthday is supposed to be the biggest birthday. And also it was because on my 18th birthday i got a gold ring off my Mum (which i still wear to this day) so i will always remember it. So i opened the first present,it was a gift bag (off my Nan and Grandad) and inside there was a bag of some nuts with honey on and also some chocolate popcorn. And another long thin box. I opened it and inside was a solid silver bracelet (about 1oz) to go around my wrist. It was super shiny. And i was very grateful. Every-time i look at this bracelet now i will always remember my Nan and Grandad. And on the table where my cards and present lay i picked up the other box off my Mum and step-dad. I opened that box and inside was a chain with a dog-tag on it. I really like this chain because on the dog-tag itself there is a compass engraved on it on one side with 5 black onyx stones. 1 in each corner and 1 in the center. on the other side of it there is another small compass etched near the top and underneath that there are some word saying “My dear Son, forge your own path, Anything is possible”. My Mum chose this because of those words. She said those words kind of suit me. I am pleased to have got these presents. A few hours later we went shopping with some of my money. I wanted to get bear grylls book “true Grit”  and also Lost season 3 because i have 1 and 2 and really enjoy it, and finally a Michael Buble CD. We only found the CD but the next day we got the book, and Lost is being brought home by Mum now as i write this ( she has gone to Manchester with my Sister). So I am now 21, it only seems 5 minutes ago when i turned 18. Time goes really quick when you are doing stuff. I thought this post was essential to write on my blog, 1 because it was a big birthday and 2 it shows some people get worried about things that other people don’t mind. Oh and 1 more thing, Yesterday for a treat my Nan cooked me 2 lamb shanks with mint sauce and gravy and mash and even more. I could hardly walk afterwards because i was just too full. I would like to thank my Mum, Nan and my Brother Adam for making my birthday less stress full. Thanks for reading




I love watching comedies when i have to settle down at night for bed, so i thought i would share some of my all time favorite series. I think all of these are British so you may not find these ones in America or other places , but i am sure if you searched around you would probably find them if you are interested in watching them.

1. Only Fools And Horses       

2. One Foot in the Grave   

3. Keeping up appearances          

4. Porridge

5. Some mothers do ave em     

6. Dinnerladies           

Trust me all of these are very funny. If you have seen any of these leave a comment and tell me which ones you have watched. Thanks for reading.