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IN OTHER NEWS…. (updates)


in other news

It has been well over a week since i got that darned strained groin. And i am pleased to tell you that i didnt even attempt to play football. I have to tell you though i found it tricky at first. Basically when i say i play football, recently it hasnt been normal football. It has been football golf. As it says in the name we play golf but with a football. We start from specific places around the front of the college, and we aim for an arch (which we usually play normal football in) in as little shots as possible. Its a great game. I actually researched this on the internet and it is an actual sport. Anyway my driver and my support worker of that day have played football golf and i have refereed them. This includes picking a tee off point and keeping a eye on them incase they try anything sneaky. Well i did that for all of that week and last week and this week i have been able to play the game for myself. I love it. I of course have been cracking on with my work aswell. I have done a practise english test and a practise maths test (i got around 95 % in my maths test, not sure about my English test yet). They gave me easy papers at first because they will see what level i am at by giving me progressivly harder papers. In other news, yesterday my 17 year old sister moved out of our house. She has gone into a little flat not far from here. It is supported living (because she has Autism) so they deal with all of her bills and things like that for her. Her boyfriend has been with her a lot of the time since she has been there so she will not find it as difficult. The big test will be when he is not there one night. I dont think she will like that, but we will have to see. I have very recently done a massive achievement. I want to save telling you about that untill my 100th post, because for me it is a really pleasing part of this year. So that has been about it recently. Thanks for reading.



my stupid mind

i have not written on this for so long. I am sorry about that but remember in my last posts i said i am finding hard to motivate myself to write on here. Well i still am. I don’t know why i do this. It is just another thing my stupid mind does. I was getting a lot of support on my posts and i felt i was achieving something. So why does my mind do this to me? I really wish it didn’t. I am now on my big break from college. I have got nearly 8 weeks off i think. When i go back i will be doing some tests to see what level i am at. Then they will determine if i am ready to do my GCSE’s. Anyway as i have said i have got a lot of time off now. I am in two minds about this. On one hand im glad i can have a rest but on the other hand it is not in my routine. Also i get bored after anything more than 2 weeks off. I am going to be trying to do some constructive things whilst im off. Things like reading and drawing and hopefully writing on here. Anyway lately my mind has really been affecting me. i have been worrying about small things i wouldnt usually worry about. I have also been very depressed. I am useless. The only thing that i am good for is that i can love people more that most people (i think). That last statement is hard to explain but i can feel it in my body. My mind stops me from going anywhere too long because i cannot use other toilets apart from my home where i feel safe. This is my mind doing this on purpose so i cant do things that i love like climbing mountains with my brother. I would be able to do this by myself because there is no pressure from other people but i would be scared to go out by myself. I need to see a psychologist.  At this moment there is no point of me being on this earth. But i will carry on hoping for better things. I will try to get motivated to writing on here again because i do love it. Especially your comments and support. Thanks for reading.




Ever since i started doing exercise to lose weight i have kept a couple of small pieces of paper in my room to record my weight. I weigh myself at around 10 o clock in the morning every Wednesday. You are supposed to weigh yourself at the same time and every week to keep a good idea of where you are in your weight loss. So here is my record of my weight:

JAN 15th 2014  14st, 4 and a half pounds

JAN 23rd 2014   14st, 2 and a half pounds   =  lost 2 pounds

JAN 29th 2014   14st, 1 pound   =  lost 1 and a half pounds

FEB 5th 2014     13,13 and a half  = lost 1 and a half pounds

FEB 12th 2014    13,12 and a half  = lost 1 pound

FEB 19th 2014   13,11 and a half = lost 1 pound

FEB 26th 2014    13,9 and three quarters = lost 1 and 3 quarters

MARCH 5th 2014  13, 9 and a half  = lost a quarter of a pound

MARCH 12th 2014 13, 8   = lost 1 and a half pounds

MARCH 19th 2014  13,9 and 3 quarters = put on 1 and 3 quarters

MARCH 26th 2014 13,6 and a half = lost 3 and a quarter pounds

APRIL 2nd 2014   13, 6 and a quarter = lost a quarter of a pound

APRIL 9th 2014  13,5 and three quarters = lost half a pound

APRlL 16th  2014 13, 3 and 3 quarters = lost 2 pounds.

So what do you reckon?  I have lost nearly 15 pounds in 14 weeks. My target was to get under 14 stone by the end of the year and i have easily smashed that. My new target is to try and get under the 13 stone mark. By the way a stone is 14 pounds. Its getting really hard to lose weight though now. I will probably tell you what i have been doing to lose weight in my next post. Thanks for reading.





Adam said that if he had time he would come to my review at college. He said he would go all week but the day before he remembered he had a little job to do for someone regarding his painting and decorating business. He is a busy man these days. i wanted him to go with us because i like people in my family going to my college. They get to see where i go in the weekdays. And when i speak about things there they have a better understanding about what i mean. He made it with half an hour to go before Javid came and picked us all up. Javid said that it was alright that my Mum, stepdad and my brother Adam came with us that day. It made sense. So we all had a good talk and laugh in the car going. That is good because if we was all serious it would have been more nerve wracking. I was nervous because it was different than my normal routine. People was in the car who usually wasnt there, even though it was just my family. When we got there i went inside to get a football like usual. On my way through the door my support worker on Mondays (Steve) came out just at the same time. he asked me if he could go and introduce himself. I said yes and told him who they was. He went and spoke to them for a short while whilst i got the football and found my support worker Alex. I didnt go into the review with them for a few reasons. one was i hate sitting in a circle where people can see you from all directions. This is why i never sit face on with someone. When they do eye contact it feels like they are staring at you and judging you. Reason two is the fact that there was a lot of people in there. There was about 6 or 7. I can only just cope with 2 other people. So throughout the time i was there it was just normal for me because i did my usual work on a Friday which is photography. Later on when they had finished (it was shorter than usual because Javid had to go as he has another contract now) I asked them what had happened. They told me that the Woman who i have told you about 2 posts ago will go a bit easier now. Which is good. The people in the review said i was the brightest student in the college. Which is absolutely fantastic as there is about 100-150 students in there. So that is a massive plus and i am so pleased with myself. They also said i need to try and improve my time management. I agree with this. But the biggest thing what was mentioned was they said i may have to go to another college which is being built i think nearer to my home. Thats because i can do harder work than what they can set for me, and as well as that, it depends on funding. If i did leave this college i will be sad because i wont see them again and i would have to get used to a whole new place which can take months. I will just have to see what happens. I would be glad though if the new place was better for me like better opportunities and things of that nature. So overall my review went pretty well.

If anyone has any ideas about how to make this blog better please tell me in the comments. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please follow me if you havent already. Thanks for reading.