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If you follow the road, we was in the first big house on the right. You can also see the rocks we climbed on when the sea went out.

I have been back from my holiday now for 1 week. I dont think i told you, but we went to Moelfre in Wales. There isnt any attractions there but we chose it for a rest. People often book that place as sort of a basecamp. For example people will go to places like snowdon from there. It is a massive mountain what you can walk up. Infact i think it is the second biggest mountain in the uk. Ben nevis is first in Scotland. As i was saying we booked it for a rest. And i loved it. The beach was literally 30 seconds walk from where we was. There was also a rock wall that me and Tom loved to climb on. We climbed on it as much as we could. Unfortunataly there was 3 days that where ultra windy, so we obviously couldnt do it then. Tom loves climbing and it boosts his confidance way high. I love to see him like that.  We visited quite a few places in the week we was there. My favourites where Bangor and newborough forest. Bangor had a big church and a few shops so we had a good look around there. Infact we went there twice. And newborough forest was great. There was three paths that you could choose from. There was a beginner one a medium one and a harder walk. I wanted to do the harder walk as it was 5 miles long, but we couldnt because Jessica couldnt have made it around. So we did the shorter one which was about 1.5km i think. This forest was also at the edge of a great beach, so we went on the beach for half an hour after the walk. We found a couple of nice shells so we put them in a little bag and took them home. All in all it was a fantastic holiday. The only drawbacks was i had to sleep in a bunk bed and we had no wi fi in the cottage. The wifi wasnt a massive deal but the bunk bed was. everytime Tom woke up he woke me up by getting of the bed. It wasnt his fault though. Also the bed i was in i only just fit. My feet was right at the end. We all loved it though. Infact we are going again next year but in a different cottage. Its literally across the road from where we was this time. And the cottage we was in this time, my Nan and Grandad and my uncle are going in that one. So that should be interesting. We also went into a pub and i bought everyone a drink. I also bought everyone a drink when we went in for a second time. At the beggining of the week i gave my little bro 10 pounds aswell so he would have some spending money. He bought a sort of gem rock. overall I had a great time and a good relax. Thanks for reading.




I took this on my new phone. I left flash on by accident, so now it looks like a scene from a horror movie. I wanted to get the lamplight behind the tree to make it look like a golden tree. I think this pic looks cool though.




                                        WOOOO HOOOO

Just after i wrote my last post i went on my treadmill. Me and my brother Tom was doing a challenge. We basically had to try and do 4 miles between us. Tom did 1 mile because Tim told him to come off and so i had to try and do 3. I think it was in my mind to conquer 3 mile because my body didnt feel as tired and i could carry on for longer. Your mind can be so powerfull sometimes. Its unbelievable. Anyway i got to 3 and felt fine. Bare in mind my past record was 2 miles. I carried on and thought i would go for Adams record which is 4 miles. I was a little tired but cracked on with it. I then went for my taxi drivers record which is 4.2 miles. me and Javid (taxi driver) are always talking about fitness because we both love it so much. Also he goes to the gym on the running machine 5 times a week if he can. So i was super pleased to break his record. Then i thought why stop there, lets go for the 5. i did it in around 57 minutes. I was getting very tired around the 4.7 mark. But for once my mind helped me achieve something i thought was impossible for me. Thanks for reading.

P.s tommorow i will post a good picture i took on my new phone.




So this is the photo what i said i would upload on Monday. Firstly, this is me. You have never seen me before so atleast now you can put a face to my writings. Secondly, this photo was a result of me and my mum messing about in the kitchen. I put this teatowel on my head and i tried to look holy. My nan thinks i look like jesus and some of my family think i look like a assassin off assassins creed (a video game). What do you think? Thanks for reading.

P.s i was a bit nervous at showing my face



ImageToday is my Dads birthday. Remember i have not seen him for years even though he only lives a few miles away. When i have not seen someone for a bit i struggle to see them again. I get even more nervous about seeing someone who i have not seen for a bit than meeting someone new. I don’t know why, but my body just gets more nervous. Anyway my family knows i am like this but they still expect me to be “autistic free” for a day whilst i go and give him the present and the card i have bought him (i am not going). It is more my Brother and my step-dad that expects me to do this. They both say i should grow up and go and go and see him with the present. They are both stupid because if i could just drop having Autism, i would have done it ages ago. I wish i was like everyone else, full of confidence and able to do these things. I would be at a proper college trying to get loads of qualifications so that when i leave i could get a really good job worth thousands of pounds a year. But i am stuck with all these obstacles in front of me. I have been overcoming some of these obstacles over the past 7 years. Like recently i have been going into a little convenience shop by myself while my Brother waits in the car. I only nip in for a drink but a few years ago i would never have thought i would go into a shop by myself. In fact it was only yesterday that i was at the dentists and had 2 fillings. Again i thought i would never be able to do it but i did. So i am making progress slowly. But they shouldn’t expect me to go and see my Dad. I would find it too difficult. I cannot make Autism disappear but overtime i will get better at controlling it. Do you think it is unfair of them to ask me to drop autism? Because i do, i cant change who i am and how i feel about certain situations. Thanks for reading.



ImageHi everyone. I Was just wondering if people like looking at my great music posts and my great quotes posts? Because if people don’t like looking at them there is no point in doing them. Please tell me your answer in the comments and i will see if more people like looking at them or not. If not I wont do them anymore. Thanks for reading.



ImageI consider myself to be on the line between autistic and “normal” but this makes it very complicated for me to understand myself and for others to understand me as well. I have been officially diagnosed with Autism but yet sometimes i wonder if they got the diagnosis wrong. For example if you saw me and started talking to me i would become very anxious and look down at the ground ( no eye contact ) and would try to end the conversation as soon as possible, but once i got to know you i would enjoy being around you and actually look forward to seeing you.

The one big problem i have is being still near people i don’t know very well, I think it must be nervous energy or something, that’s why when i meet a new teacher at my special college for example i play football (or soccer) with them outside instead of going in and sitting at a table and meeting them there. This enables me to keep moving about while getting used to them.Now all this in this paragraph is not what a “normal” person would do though is it?

But i am good at things that Autistic people aren’t supposed to be good at like understanding peoples feelings. I know if i do something bad i could upset my brother or if i smash my sisters CD she will not be pleased. But this is where conflicting emotions come in. If my sister annoys me I would feel like smashing one of her possessions but the other side of me tells me not to. So i have 2 sides of my mind pulling in opposite directions and it all becomes very confusing. Now this paragraph is definitely what an autistic person would feel like.

I think this is why i don’t have any friends. My teachers are sort of my friends but they are what i call “fake” friends. Do they actually like me or are they getting paid to like me.  And they would never come and visit me when i have finished college like normal friends would. Normal people don’t give me time to see the real me. Instead they see a Autistic person who looks at the ground instead of giving them eye contact. But i am actually much more like a “normal” person than a autistic one.

I hope this post has given you a bit more of an insight to me instead of just seeing words on the screen what i have wrote. Please like and share and follow this post. And please comment on this post if you want, I answer every comment i get if there is an answer to give.

Thanks for reading.