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Last Friday whilst at college i got an injury. I strained my groin. It was when i was having a bit of a kick around either before i went into college or before i went home. I cant remember. Anyway last weekend i didn’t do as much exercise or anything like that, because i wanted it to get better for the week ahead ( i did one walk). And it did. Or i thought it did because yesterday, exactly one week from that injury Ive done it again. I don’t get it though because i stretched before i had a kick about and i have been playing football all week at college. For those of you who are new here or have just forgot, when i go to college i play football for 10 minutes before i go in. This is so i can settle down before i have to go inside and do something. For some reason if i don’t play football for 10 minutes i don’t cope as well inside college. Its probably routine. But here is where the problem lies now. This injury is worse than last weeks one so i need to give it about a weeks rest at least. So what will i do when i go to college and i cant play football. I would probably just have to go for a walk around the building once or twice. I have got a tiny bit better at my routine changing now though. Before i didnt like one thing changing in my routine. And if it did it would mess me up. It just shows how intrinsic and important if for autistic people. We feel safer when our routine is in place. There are no surprises or variables in our day. Its like blood or oxygen for some people. If you don’t have it, you don’t work as efficiently, simple as that. Now as i have said, i am better at that now. I can change some things in my routine. So i will use this benefit to not get as stressed or worried about things changing. Like going for a walk instead of playing football. I will still though really look forward to getting back to playing football though. Just be wary of peoples routines though because some people need to stick to theirs, just as you may need to stick to what time you arrive at work for example. Thanks for reading.

P.s i might put a picture of me on this in a few days. Its me with a tea towel on my head. i know, weird right? But My mum and nan think i either look like Jesus on it or a character from assassins creed. let me know if you want me to put it on or not so you can tell me what you think.




treadmill whole treadmill screen

As i said in my last post, i have recently acquired a treadmill. I saved up for a long time to get one. The model i have got is a Reebok zr10 (above). This machine retails at around £1,200 but i got it second hand at £450. And when i say second hand it pretty much isn’t, its like brand new. When me and Tim went round to check it out, the man said he and his wife had been on it maximum 15 times. Anyway before i have been going to college i have been going on the treadmill. I go on it for around 45 minutes all in all. This consist of me running 1 mile and then doing a program. There are around 24 programs all in all on my treadmill. A program is a preset work out. You can change the duration though before hand. As your doing a program the treadmill will automatically speed up or speed down, it also can put the gradient up to 15 degrees. That’s like going up a pretty steep hill. It is absolutely brilliant. And whilst your doing all of this the screen shows whats coming up next and you calories burnt, distance and speed. It also has an mp3 input, so i connect my ps vita and listen to whatever music takes my fancy, and its blasted through 2 speakers, which are actually pretty good. The max speed it can go is 11.2 miles per hour, though i haven’t attempted this speed yet. I have ran at 10 miles per hour but only for maybe 20 seconds. I actually want in future to be able to run a 5k race, so i am sort of training for it, even if it takes me 5 years. As i said before i run 1 mile at the moment. I have recently upped my speed from 5 mph to 6mph, so i am pleased with this. It takes exactly 10 minutes running at 6mph to run a mile. My record mile is 9.15 seconds. I did this the other day. After i had warmed up for a few minutes i started running at 8 mph. I ran this for 2 or 3 minutes when my chest really started to hurt. I know when im pushing myself but this was obviously too much for my body. So i slowed it down to walking for a few minutes and then ran at my usual 6 mph. I think when i go on my treadmill tomorrow i will up the distance. I will try to do 1.25 miles instead of my usual 1 mile. And then when i get good at doing that i will up the gradient slightly over time till its about 3 degrees. I think running at 2 degrees on a treadmill is about running normally outdoors. So that’s about it about my treadmill. I am really pleased with myself and with the machine.

I have a challenge for you all. Try to do a bit of exercise each day this week. It can be whatever you want, walking, cycling even dancing in front of the telly to music videos. Trust me exercise its a great thing. For me it keeps my mind less crowded (if i dont do any exercise i start to go downhill, like being depressed and i also have a self destroying mind which can only be dampened by exercise). I feel more confidant and of course your increasing the length of time you get on this earth. Once you get the fitness bug you will not go back. By the way my weight is now around 12 st 9 which is about 180 pounds.Thanks for reading

2500 PAGE VIEWS !!!


ImageWOO HOO, today i reached my next milestone on my blog. That is of course 2500 page views on my blog (i love stats and numbers of all kinds by the way). My next Target i will go for is 5000 views. I really really thank everyone who has helped me by commenting and reading my posts, you make my life better because i know people actually care about what i say and write on here. I am pleased with how my blog has progressed since my last milestone i set myself. I feel i have expressed myself a little bit better and can get the point across a bit more. I also hope you know me a little better. So out of my 128 followers i thank each and everyone of you. Im off to watch Breaking Bad season 2 now. Thanks for reading.





The best cat in the world.


Hi Ive just uploaded my avatar picture thingy. Do you like it?  It is a picture of our cat called Skye who was originally bought for me to help me get over all of my problems and to help calm me down. It Worked. Skye is a special cat to me also she has only got one front leg which i will explain to you another time.



ImageHi everyone. I Was just wondering if people like looking at my great music posts and my great quotes posts? Because if people don’t like looking at them there is no point in doing them. Please tell me your answer in the comments and i will see if more people like looking at them or not. If not I wont do them anymore. Thanks for reading.



ImageHi Ive got something a bit different for you today. It is a song that my step dad did years ago. He recorded my mum saying stuff like “Paul the phones ringing” and messed about with it to create a unusual tune but it is really good. Oh and i also made some tunes as well a few years ago on acid pro so one day as a treat i will let you hear one or two. Anyway check out the link and be sure to comment on this blog or his if you like it. Please Click the link below. Thanks.





Hi everyone. Has anyone heard of that new thing what they are doing in certain cinemas now. I don’t know if its just in the UK where they are doing it but i think it should be around the world. Basically what cinemas are doing is they are having a autism friendly showing once a month  ( i think it should be more frequently ). Here is a list of what they are doing differently compared to a normal viewing of a film.

  • The lights will be on low
  • The volume will be turned down
  • There will be no trailers at the beginning of the film
  • You’ll be able to take your own food and drinks
  • You’ll be able to move around the cinema if you like

I think that this is a great idea for typical autistic people but i wouldn’t like the fact that people will be moving around all over the cinema. On the plus side though i would love that the sound would be a lot lower than usual. This is why i don’t go into the cinemas these days, it is because i have sensitive hearing and i don’t like loud sounds or sounds that try to scare you ( what makes you jump ). Overall i think its a fantastic idea where autistics peoples parent can take their child and actually enjoy the movie instead of worrying if their child would start being loud or need to get out because of the noise. What do you think? Thanks for reading.