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My big achievement is………….  I went to a football match. Leeds united football match to be precise. My stepdad Tim won a facebook competition to go to the match. He won 2 tickets for seats right at the top tier. I wasnt going untill the morning of the match. I wondered about going the day before so i thought that when i get up i would decide then. And i just went for it even though i was nervous. Not as nervous as i would have been like 2 years ago but still nervous because it was something new to me (well i havent been to a match for about 10 years, so it was kind of new). When we got close to the stadium there was hundreds of people walking towards it. The realisation of what i was doing then sunk in. Fortunately i could controll my emotions. If i didnt i would have been too nervous and then i would have to sit in the car for two hours whilst i wait for Tim to watch the match and then come back to the car. It would have been to far to drive me back because it was about 40 miles away. When we parked up and started walking to the stadiums entrances my emotions suddenly burst out of me. I didnt tell Tim but i had uncontrollable shivering. The ony thing that stopped my jaws from chattering was having a chewing gum. I couldnt believe this (for me) herculean task i was doing. There was now thousands of people wondering into the entrances. You have to remember that humans for me are very unpredictable, and i was going into a sort of massive cage full of high adrenaline, unpredictable cretures. We eventually found our seat and i was very surprised how close you are to the other people. You are literally shoulder too shoulder with random strangers ( a autistics worst nightmare ). I gritted my teeth and got on with it. When the players came on to the pitch there was a massive roar of cheers and shouting. Later on it flashed up on the screen that there was around about 24 thouand people there. So you can imagine the sound of all them people. I put my hood up to dampen the sound abit. It wasnt a lot though. Anyway the match passed by unexpectedly quick. The one thing i noticed though i that i couldnt concentrate on the game properly because of the noise. i think it was sensory overload. But the thing was though, i did it. On the way home i was very happy with myself and so was my mum and stepdad. Unfortunately though Leeds drew 1-1 against Sheffied Wednesday. What do you thinks about my big achievement ? Thanks for reading.

P.S we are going on holiday for the first time in about 4 years next week to wales. So i will tell you how it went after i get back.




I might as well tell you about my sister Jessica today seeing as it was her 16th birthday a few weeks ago. Ok then firstly when she was born my mum said that i could always be found near her. That’s probably because my brother was usually out at his friends so i liked being near to a sibling that was actually in the house. When she was a bit older like 5 or 6 i used to play in the garden a lot with her, like once i tried to teach her to catch better by throwing a ball on the shed roof and when it rolled off she had to catch it quickly before it fell on the floor. We also played a game called “funny football” which was basically football but we purposely fell over on the floor and in the mud. But sometimes i wasn’t very nice to her. Like when she wanted to go inside i didn’t let her sometimes because i didn’t understand properly why she would want to go in when we was having good fun, and it was because i liked playing outside in the garden with her. But nowadays she is a teenager and often has tantrums and things like that, and i don’t like the stress it causes especially towards my mum. Recently she got diagnosed with Autism as well so that’s why a lot of the time we don’t understand each other, but eventually we will get better at that. Anyway happy birthday Jess (she doesn’t like being called Jessica). I hope you enjoyed your birthday.



I wrote this a few weeks ago on blogger. The reason i came to WordPress was because i kept getting views by bots and not real people, this is what i wrote. OK im back from tennis now. we have more or less the same routine every time we go. Firstly we start off by hitting a few long shots to each other for about half an hour to get our eye in (or eyes) then we have a match. We usually have about 6 games. Unfortunately today my big brother Adam won by 4 games to 2,then we warmed down a bit by doing a few more long shots again (usually we play the square game where we both stand near the net and have to try and get each other out by hitting it in the squares). To be honest im having a few problems with sports in general. For example today at football i didn’t score any goals or set anyone up, but usually i set 1 or 2 goals up and get 1 or 2 in myself (i play as a striker). And tennis for the past month or so i cant seem to beat Adam. oh well, im going to have a shower now and then go on THE LAST OF US for a hour. Its a new ps3 game which has had loads of good reviews and supposed to be one of the best games of this generation of consoles.

Thanks for reading.

Bad with my nerves.


I go to a special college in Manchester for people with all different types of Autism. I go Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 1pm till 3pm. Now on Mondays our class goes and plays football.(This post happened a few weeks ago) So to start with everyone stands in a circle and started doing warmups whilst i stand outside of the circle because i don’t like it   (it makes me feel nervous). Then we ran around the pitch 5 times. Then finally to practice our shooting our teacher set us up and we each took turns to shoot at the net. I felt nervous waiting in the line because of the anticipation of my turn. We all had 2 shots each at the net and my second shot (i was the very last person to shoot) hit the top right of the football post and bounced up about 30 ft in the air and landed on a ledge behind a 15ft fence. Everyone started asking me questions then like “is it my football” ( which it is because i always bring mine in so everyone can play with it ) but because everyone kept asking me questions i felt a bit shaky and even more nervous.After that another teacher found a big pole and tried to push it back over but it slipped down from the ledge into a tight gap. anyway after we got another football from inside the college we started playing and our team won 1-0 a third teacher climbed over and got it ( he was like spider man) so i was very grateful. When i got home my mum wasn’t in and i remembered she said i might have to wait 10 minute’s for her to come back with the key. I waited 20 minutes in the back garden and then i heard my little brother running around  the side to see if i was there ( my grandad picks him up from primary school and brings him home ). They hadn’t got a key either so we had to wait another 30 minutes for mum to arrive back home with the key ( we couldn’t ring her because me or grandad both don’t have a mobile phone ). Anyway when i got  back home i  prepared myself for tennis  because i was going to the Reebok playing with my big brother. I will do another post later telling you  how it went. Thanks for reading.