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I have been asked recently to help spread awareness about taking medication and medication safety By the American recall center (click here and it will take you to their recent post about Xarelto). I of course obliged (i am very honoured). Well here goes:

Medication I take – My medication has varied over the years from tablets like fluoxetine and Risperidone (which are antidepressants and anti physcotics) to tablets that i am on now which are pregabalin and melatonin.  Pregabalin is usually used to treat epilepsy by controlling electrical activity in the brain, but they can also be used for extreme anxiety. This is what I take these tablets for. Melatonin on the other hand is used for sleeping. All plants animals and humans all produce melatonin (which is a hormone). In humans, we have a small gland inside the brain that creates and releases melatonin. This is what controlls our wake and sleep patterns. The tablet melatonin basically boosts the amount of melatonin created thus helping you fall asleep.

What side effects have I experienced – With Fluoxetine I developed a rash so I can’t have any medication that is similar to that now. With Risperidone I had a bit of a heart problem  {long QT}. Infact the doctor was so worried about this that he insisted i had to have a ECG every month to keep a eye on my heart. My most recent side effect is balance issues. Each time my phsycologists ups the dosage of pregabalin, it takes about 3 or 4 days to get my balance in order. I keep walking into my mum for example when i go for a walk or i would fall going up the stairs because i have not judged the step correctly.

How i remember when to take my medication – my Mum. Basically if I forget to take my medication at the right time my mum reminds me. This as i have experienced is a great way to take your medication at the right time. If you are not very good at remembering to take your medication, make sure you either have someone there who can remind you or you can buy a sort of pill box. It is labeled with names of each day of the week. So what you can do is put your tablets into their correct compartment at the begining of the week,then you can see exactly what you have had during the day and what you have left. This will ensure you dont go over your prescribed amount also.

Advice for you.

1. Always make sure you find out the side effects of you medication. You will then know what to look out for.

2. Make extra sure you dont go over your prescribed limit. Double check your dosage before you take any medication. Its better to be safe than sorry.

3. Dont be nervous about speaking to your doctor. He is there to help.

4. Dont drink alcohol on any medication if it tells you not to on the information leaflet.

5. Keep all your medication away from children.

6. Always read the information leaflet that usually comes with it.









treadmill whole treadmill screen

As i said in my last post, i have recently acquired a treadmill. I saved up for a long time to get one. The model i have got is a Reebok zr10 (above). This machine retails at around £1,200 but i got it second hand at £450. And when i say second hand it pretty much isn’t, its like brand new. When me and Tim went round to check it out, the man said he and his wife had been on it maximum 15 times. Anyway before i have been going to college i have been going on the treadmill. I go on it for around 45 minutes all in all. This consist of me running 1 mile and then doing a program. There are around 24 programs all in all on my treadmill. A program is a preset work out. You can change the duration though before hand. As your doing a program the treadmill will automatically speed up or speed down, it also can put the gradient up to 15 degrees. That’s like going up a pretty steep hill. It is absolutely brilliant. And whilst your doing all of this the screen shows whats coming up next and you calories burnt, distance and speed. It also has an mp3 input, so i connect my ps vita and listen to whatever music takes my fancy, and its blasted through 2 speakers, which are actually pretty good. The max speed it can go is 11.2 miles per hour, though i haven’t attempted this speed yet. I have ran at 10 miles per hour but only for maybe 20 seconds. I actually want in future to be able to run a 5k race, so i am sort of training for it, even if it takes me 5 years. As i said before i run 1 mile at the moment. I have recently upped my speed from 5 mph to 6mph, so i am pleased with this. It takes exactly 10 minutes running at 6mph to run a mile. My record mile is 9.15 seconds. I did this the other day. After i had warmed up for a few minutes i started running at 8 mph. I ran this for 2 or 3 minutes when my chest really started to hurt. I know when im pushing myself but this was obviously too much for my body. So i slowed it down to walking for a few minutes and then ran at my usual 6 mph. I think when i go on my treadmill tomorrow i will up the distance. I will try to do 1.25 miles instead of my usual 1 mile. And then when i get good at doing that i will up the gradient slightly over time till its about 3 degrees. I think running at 2 degrees on a treadmill is about running normally outdoors. So that’s about it about my treadmill. I am really pleased with myself and with the machine.

I have a challenge for you all. Try to do a bit of exercise each day this week. It can be whatever you want, walking, cycling even dancing in front of the telly to music videos. Trust me exercise its a great thing. For me it keeps my mind less crowded (if i dont do any exercise i start to go downhill, like being depressed and i also have a self destroying mind which can only be dampened by exercise). I feel more confidant and of course your increasing the length of time you get on this earth. Once you get the fitness bug you will not go back. By the way my weight is now around 12 st 9 which is about 180 pounds.Thanks for reading




This is a poem i have just tried to come up with. I thought i would have a go as i said i might on a post a few days ago. To be honest i dont think it is very good,but what do you think? I have never been good with words but as i said i thought of having a go, so here it is. Oh this poem is a acrostic poem which means the first words of each sentence spells Autism by the end of the poem. I wrote this poem about some thoughts i have about autism. Thanks for reading.

Always fighting with a troubled mind

Understanding is the key you’ll find

Trust is element that will bind

In depth conversations you will not get

Speak softly and Quietly so i will not forget

My family and friends that i am glad to have met.




ImageToday is my Dads birthday. Remember i have not seen him for years even though he only lives a few miles away. When i have not seen someone for a bit i struggle to see them again. I get even more nervous about seeing someone who i have not seen for a bit than meeting someone new. I don’t know why, but my body just gets more nervous. Anyway my family knows i am like this but they still expect me to be “autistic free” for a day whilst i go and give him the present and the card i have bought him (i am not going). It is more my Brother and my step-dad that expects me to do this. They both say i should grow up and go and go and see him with the present. They are both stupid because if i could just drop having Autism, i would have done it ages ago. I wish i was like everyone else, full of confidence and able to do these things. I would be at a proper college trying to get loads of qualifications so that when i leave i could get a really good job worth thousands of pounds a year. But i am stuck with all these obstacles in front of me. I have been overcoming some of these obstacles over the past 7 years. Like recently i have been going into a little convenience shop by myself while my Brother waits in the car. I only nip in for a drink but a few years ago i would never have thought i would go into a shop by myself. In fact it was only yesterday that i was at the dentists and had 2 fillings. Again i thought i would never be able to do it but i did. So i am making progress slowly. But they shouldn’t expect me to go and see my Dad. I would find it too difficult. I cannot make Autism disappear but overtime i will get better at controlling it. Do you think it is unfair of them to ask me to drop autism? Because i do, i cant change who i am and how i feel about certain situations. Thanks for reading.




A few weeks ago my brother Adam (a different Adam from college) went to the doctors about his chest. Basically it was because occasionally whenever he got stressed about something he would get pains through his chest near his heart. So he had a scan and it came back that he had a very low heart rate. It was something like 48 beats per minute. The only people who have 48 BPM  is people who are really fit or people who have something wrong with their heart. So we were a bit worried. But i thought it was more to do with being fit. Don’t forget i play tennis with him regularly so he will be quite fit. Anyway he went back to the doctors and spoke to the doc properly about it and basically the doctor said he was just fit. Just as i suspected. But he should still be careful. Oh yes the doctor just said the pains were anxiety and stress build up.So that is some good news (about him being fit).

I thought i would tell you that because i had a problem with My heart when i was a baby. I was born with a hole in my heart. My Mum went to a checkup and they said that  i wasn’t putting on weight and thats because i kept on throwing everything up that i had eaten or drunk. So my mum and me went to the docs the very next day and he sent me straight to the hospital from the doctors. They also called me the boy with no heartbeat because i had a hole in my heart they said they couldn’t hear any heartbeat because the blood was being pushed through the hole rapidly and very loudly, so it was overriding the sound. The hole was about the size of about a 2p coin ( think). After a few weeks they sent me for the operation and i survived (obviously) but only just. My Grandad was physically sick when they rang him to tell him i had gone in for the operation.My mum has pictures of me after the operation and there is loads of tubes and things sticking out of me everywhere. This affected me by things like i had to have special medication when i had anything done at the dentist. I dont know what for exactly. The dentist dont use that medicine anymore because they said that it does more harm than good.

Anyway thanks for reading.




There has been a lot of things going on  lately and some of them really really bad. Firstly one of my uncles has died called Dave. I didn’t really know him but he was family. Basically he got diagnosed with cancer a few moths ago and they gave him 6 months to live. And up until a few weeks ago he was doing really well and would have lived well past his expected 6 months. But one day he was about to come downstairs and he fell all the way down. And after he had been to the hospital and got back home he couldn’t walk very well so he had to stay in bed. And i think this is what made him give up. Because even when he had been diagnosed he had still been carrying on with his life like normal. He even went to work still and played golf. And because he couldn’t do any of that one day in the morning ( about 10 to 8 ) he died. It is very sad because imagine if you had cancer and then fell downstairs causing you to not be able to do any of the things you love. My mum said he was a very strong person. And a few hours later My Dads wife’s Dad also died of cancer and old age. I didn’t know him very well and i only saw him a few times when i was younger. He was a nice man as well.


On a lighter note, i have been doing well at college and have started to become less nervous about going there. I will tell you a funny story about college. It happened just  before the 6 week holidays. Me and my support worker (Adam) was playing football on the grass near some bird tables  and we was taking turns in the net. And when i was taking shots at him i tried to curl the ball  around the bird table and it hit it. it rolled on the grass for about 6 or 7 foot and while it was doing so it literally unraveled itself and broke. It lay there with nails sticking out of it where there had previously been a surrounding edge. Adam was cracking up and laughing a lot and that was when he called it me. He called me Captains Birdsdie (because of all the nails sicking up out of it). I was also really laughing and couldn’t control myself. I thought i would tell you this because today i found a broom to sweep away a puddle in front of the  net because my taxi driver ( Javid )  was going in the net. So i did a good deed for him. I placed the broom at the side leaning against a wall. And about 3 shots in i crossed the ball in to Adam to head it and the wind took the ball and swerved it right onto the broom. And because the broom was propped up leaning against the wall it just completely snapped and collapsed in on itself. I was joking later with them asking them to ” help me hide the evidence”.

So there has been a few ups and downs for me lately. Thanks for reading.