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Since it is coming up to the end of the year i thought i would write about some of the things that i have improved upon throughout the year or accomplished. Probably my biggest improvement this year is going into a shop by myself and paying at the till. I never would have thought i could have done anything like this a year ago. A year ago my brother would say to me on one of our drives, he would say would i like to nip into a paper shop that we go past and go and get a Monster energy drink for him and one for me. And i would sit there in the van and try to talk myself into doing it as we neared the shop. But as we got closer and closer my thoughts and mind quickened. My heart-rate also started increasing and beating faster and faster and when we got there i had talked myself out of it. Then one day i surprised myself. We got there and my legs seemed to walk on their own to the shop. And i went in and i think there was only 1 other person in so i grabbed 2 monster energy’s and went to the till. I didn’t speak apart from the word “thankyou” when she had served me but it is progress. I thank my brother Adam for helping me do this because he talked me into going in but after months of other small steps that helped me get to that stage. Another Accomplishment of mine this year is that i got fitter. I have Adam to thank for that too because he is the one who i do exercise with. whether it be walking up Darwin or playing Tennis i always do it with Adam. i also have spurred Adam on getting fitter as well this year because of Tennis. I sometimes pushed him to go to the park and play Tennis when he didn’t want to. He would probably be glad of this now because he has gone really slim and he is a lot fitter. When we started doing exercise about 4 years ago he was about 18 stone. Now he is about 13 and a half stone. so he has really trimmed down. This year as well i try not to think about things that worry me so the anticipation doesn’t  build up. This enables me to push further and further into being able to live a normal life. It is hard work though. i may never live a normal life but every year if i continue to make further progress i could come close. One last thing i have achieved this year thanks to you is to have a blog that i am really proud of. If you wouldnt have like or followed me i wouldn’t have continued to write but you did so thankyou. I have just reached 100 followers the other day so that is a perfect way to round of the year of my accomplishments. Anyway I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new Year. Thanks for reading.





A few weeks ago my brother Adam (a different Adam from college) went to the doctors about his chest. Basically it was because occasionally whenever he got stressed about something he would get pains through his chest near his heart. So he had a scan and it came back that he had a very low heart rate. It was something like 48 beats per minute. The only people who have 48 BPM  is people who are really fit or people who have something wrong with their heart. So we were a bit worried. But i thought it was more to do with being fit. Don’t forget i play tennis with him regularly so he will be quite fit. Anyway he went back to the doctors and spoke to the doc properly about it and basically the doctor said he was just fit. Just as i suspected. But he should still be careful. Oh yes the doctor just said the pains were anxiety and stress build up.So that is some good news (about him being fit).

I thought i would tell you that because i had a problem with My heart when i was a baby. I was born with a hole in my heart. My Mum went to a checkup and they said that  i wasn’t putting on weight and thats because i kept on throwing everything up that i had eaten or drunk. So my mum and me went to the docs the very next day and he sent me straight to the hospital from the doctors. They also called me the boy with no heartbeat because i had a hole in my heart they said they couldn’t hear any heartbeat because the blood was being pushed through the hole rapidly and very loudly, so it was overriding the sound. The hole was about the size of about a 2p coin ( think). After a few weeks they sent me for the operation and i survived (obviously) but only just. My Grandad was physically sick when they rang him to tell him i had gone in for the operation.My mum has pictures of me after the operation and there is loads of tubes and things sticking out of me everywhere. This affected me by things like i had to have special medication when i had anything done at the dentist. I dont know what for exactly. The dentist dont use that medicine anymore because they said that it does more harm than good.

Anyway thanks for reading.