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2500 PAGE VIEWS !!!


ImageWOO HOO, today i reached my next milestone on my blog. That is of course 2500 page views on my blog (i love stats and numbers of all kinds by the way). My next Target i will go for is 5000 views. I really really thank everyone who has helped me by commenting and reading my posts, you make my life better because i know people actually care about what i say and write on here. I am pleased with how my blog has progressed since my last milestone i set myself. I feel i have expressed myself a little bit better and can get the point across a bit more. I also hope you know me a little better. So out of my 128 followers i thank each and everyone of you. Im off to watch Breaking Bad season 2 now. Thanks for reading.



ADAM’S DONE IT !!!!!!!!!



Yes he has done it. My brother Adam has created a Blog. He has also created his first post. He rang me up about 20 minutes ago telling me, and he asked me to read it and check it first before i tell you about it. He was excited i think which is good because he will probably be proud of himself. I read it and i think his first post is pretty good. It is a lot better than my first post that i did. Though i must tell you he is not the best speller in the world ( He-He ) but never mind, im sure his spelling will get better. But he is pretty funny (dont tell him i said that). Let me tell you what Adam is to me. Obviously he is my big brother. He is a pain in the backside. But most importantly he has helped me get through some difficult times. Like when i used to get stressed he would go out of his way and take me for a drive or a stress busting walk. He is also someone who i look up to because he has got a lot of self belief and confidence in his own ability’s (sometimes) and i find that encouraging and something i would like to aim for. So Please click on this link and see what you think. Leave him a comment if you want to. I’m sure he will be appreciative.  Thank-you.





Please could anyone who runs a blog or knows anything about running blogs comment on this post please and tell me if when you write a post does it need to be quite long or can it be 3 or 4 sentences long. Im interested to know and i thought who better people to ask than you guys who view blogs. I would like to know this answer so i can keep improving my blog. Thanks for your help if you comment.



Hi I would like to give a big thank you to Earthchanges2013 .He has been very helpful and encouraging. here is his link to his blog. http://welistentomarymagdalene.wordpress.com/I would also like to thank all of you who are following me at the moment or liked a post that i have done. Thank you.Image

What I watch on YouTube.


I go on YouTube a lot. Because i used to play on my PS3 a lot i  decided about 3 years ago that i should start watching stuff about games on YouTube for tips and stuff. So i created my own account and started searching for games related stuff. I cant remember who i subscribed to first, it might have been Wingsofredemption, but one of my first YouTube memories was everyone kept talking about Seananners. Seananners this and Seananners that they kept going on about, so one day i just searched for him and subscribed straightaway because he had a great online personality and he was really good at call of duty. I used to play call of duty as well so i thought what better person is there to learn tips from because at the time he was probably the best call of duty player on YouTube. Nowadays there are thousands of channels all devoted to call of duty and mine-craft and gaming in general. About 3 years ago i also found Syndicate and Tmartn who are still 2 of my all time favorite You-tubers. Tmartn is really well known for the best call of duty tips and Syndicate at the time was really well known for being one of the best at the zombie game mode on Treyarchs call of duty games, now though he mostly plays minecraft and just recently reached 4 million subscribers. Now after all these years i am subscribed to over 100 channels on YouTube but not all of them are gaming, there are some fact channels as well because i love learning about interesting facts. Because i am subscribed to so many channels there is always something new to watch. If you like gaming try some of the channels i mentioned above and tell me what you think. Oh yeah a really good fact channel is called Vsauce so check it out. Unrelated to YouTube i asked my step dad whose good with computers and internet stuff about how often i should post and he said 1 post every 2 to 3 days, so starting on Monday i will start posting every 2 days or so. Thanks for reading.