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OCD stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. It basically mean on some occasions i feel i have to touch the lights three times for example or put an item straight if it is slightly off center. I feel that if i don’t do it something bad will happen to something i love like my family. I of course know nothing bad would happen to my family but if i tried to resist i would get this nagging feeling in my brain and i would feel agitated until i did it so i would have to do it because it would stop me from going to sleep at night. My OCD always seems to get worse when i am nervous about an upcoming event in my life like visiting the Doctors or somethings going on at College which would be very stressful for me. These days i have a very good way to combat OCD most of the time but i will share with you my secret another time on another post. Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this post please share this blog, follow and dont forget to comment.


Bad with my nerves.


I go to a special college in Manchester for people with all different types of Autism. I go Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 1pm till 3pm. Now on Mondays our class goes and plays football.(This post happened a few weeks ago) So to start with everyone stands in a circle and started doing warmups whilst i stand outside of the circle because i don’t like it   (it makes me feel nervous). Then we ran around the pitch 5 times. Then finally to practice our shooting our teacher set us up and we each took turns to shoot at the net. I felt nervous waiting in the line because of the anticipation of my turn. We all had 2 shots each at the net and my second shot (i was the very last person to shoot) hit the top right of the football post and bounced up about 30 ft in the air and landed on a ledge behind a 15ft fence. Everyone started asking me questions then like “is it my football” ( which it is because i always bring mine in so everyone can play with it ) but because everyone kept asking me questions i felt a bit shaky and even more nervous.After that another teacher found a big pole and tried to push it back over but it slipped down from the ledge into a tight gap. anyway after we got another football from inside the college we started playing and our team won 1-0 a third teacher climbed over and got it ( he was like spider man) so i was very grateful. When i got home my mum wasn’t in and i remembered she said i might have to wait 10 minute’s for her to come back with the key. I waited 20 minutes in the back garden and then i heard my little brother running around  the side to see if i was there ( my grandad picks him up from primary school and brings him home ). They hadn’t got a key either so we had to wait another 30 minutes for mum to arrive back home with the key ( we couldn’t ring her because me or grandad both don’t have a mobile phone ). Anyway when i got  back home i  prepared myself for tennis  because i was going to the Reebok playing with my big brother. I will do another post later telling you  how it went. Thanks for reading.