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For the past few days i have been keeping busy like i said. I have drawn 3 Pokemon so far. The first one was Butterfree, the second one was Bulbasaur and the third was Piplup. I have been enjoying drawing recently as it gives me something to do for half an hour whilst improving my drawing skills. I know the Pokemon i drew isn’t exactly difficult to draw but as there are over 700 to choose from you can pretty much choose your difficulty level. I have not managed to read but i will try to do that later (im reading Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets at the moment), but i have been getting up and going on my exercise bike for 5 kilometers before my shower. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays i have been also doing weights after the exercise bike. Things like dumbbells and pull downs on the pull up bar ( i am not strong enough yet to do many actual pull ups ). I have been still finding it hard to motivate myself, like for example i wanted to write this yesterday but i didn’t feel up to it so i am doing it today.Ā  On the other hand i have been feeling slightly better in myself. But only slightly. Its still better than nothing though. I have been playing Skyrim on the ps3 in the day so that has kept my mind busy. Keeping my mind busy is one of the most important things i need to do in the holidays because if i become stagnant, that is when i will start to go downhill again, and i dont want that. Anyway here is my drawings:

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ImageHi everyone. I Was just wondering if people like looking at my great music posts and my great quotes posts? Because if people don’t like looking at them there is no point in doing them. Please tell me your answer in the comments and i will see if more people like looking at them or not. If not I wont do them anymore. Thanks for reading.



Please can someone help me. I am just wondering how come I have gone from getting over 10 page views a day to getting 1 or 2 if im lucky. I don’t understand it so any comment would be greatly appreciated. By the way i hope you don’t mind me asking questions on here its just that i like people to get involved with my blog. thanks.




I said on my last post that i had a secret for getting over OCD. I will tell you what I do. A lot of people think that it is impossible to stop doing obsessive compulsive things. Last year I had a routine that I did everyday before bedtime that took about probably over 3 hours to do. I had to watch YouTube for an hour at least, then i had to sit downstairs with my parents for half an hour (both of these aren’t too bad because I like to do watch YouTube and I love to spend time with my family). But after that it was a nightmare, I had to go into the kitchen, touch lots of things three times then touch all the lights in the hall, then after that i would go upstairs into the bathroom and make sure all the shampoo bottles and shower gel bottles where closed, and even more stuff than that. Then the upstairs hallway, my parents room and eventually my room ( my room took at least 20 minutes). Anyway as you can imagine doing all this stuff just before bed it would take another 20 minutes to settle down again to go to sleep. I was absolutely fed up of doing this everyday for over 6 months that i needed to find a way to stop it. And in the end it was simple. I just needed something that i could do or say that would stop me doing all this stuff because after all OCD is in the persons mind. All I did was cut my routine down bit by bit by saying ” I swear on my family that i wont touch the lights tonight”. And because i had swore on my family I wouldn’t do it again I didn’t. But remember the most important thing is to cut it down bit by bit. I hope this post can help as many people as it can. Even if it helped one person to get better managing OCD it would be worth it because OCD is hell to live with. It stops you from from doing what you want. Anyway please share this post and follow me if you like it. Thanks for reading. Oh and please feel free to comment or ask any questions because i like to see what people say. Thanks.



Hi I would like to give a big thank you to Earthchanges2013 .He has been very helpful and encouraging. here is his link to his blog. http://welistentomarymagdalene.wordpress.com/I would also like to thank all of you who are following me at the moment or liked a post that i have done. Thank you.Image

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what does everyone think of this new theme that Ive chose? It is called Matala i think. I chose it because it seems a bit more fun and joyful than the last theme i chose. Anyway i hope everyone enjoys it. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to follow this blog and share it if you enjoy it and feel free to comment on any post i do.