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Has anyone’s brothers or sisters been annoying you lately? My brother Tom has ( he is 9 years old ). He has not only been annoying me, he has been annoying all of our family by being rude and silly all the time. Partly it is because he is addicted to Mine-craft so when he eventually comes off it he doesn’t know what else to do apart from go back on, so he messes about until he is allowed back on and as a result aggravates everyone. Also he learns a lot of this bad behavior from the playground at school, and then he comes back home and copy’s it. My Mum and step-dad also hardly tell him off or punish him like sending him to his room (i used to get at least 3 punishments a day for being naughty), so if he doesn’t  get a punishment he will obviously wont stop. Why don’t they just ban him from Mine-craft for a week? Its obvious. Trust me if they did it instead of keep saying it he would soon stop. They wont ban him off Mine-craft because if he didn’t go on that they wouldn’t know what to do with him. Its just to easy to say ” bring the laptop in your room Tom and go on Mine-craft “. They are too interested in my sister Jessica instead of Me, Tom and Jess. Im sorry this post has been a bit of a rant but i feel a bit aggravated because of Tom at the moment and there has been some very bad things going on at the moment which i cant tell you about. My mum will probably shout at me later for writing this post(she is following my blog from her emails).

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ImageHi Ive got something a bit different for you today. It is a song that my step dad did years ago. He recorded my mum saying stuff like “Paul the phones ringing” and messed about with it to create a unusual tune but it is really good. Oh and i also made some tunes as well a few years ago on acid pro so one day as a treat i will let you hear one or two. Anyway check out the link and be sure to comment on this blog or his if you like it. Please Click the link below. Thanks.