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Today i have been to the Manchester City Football teams stadium (or Etihad Stadium). I went because i thought i was doing some work experience there. I went with one of my support workers called Steve, who is a massive Manchester city fan, and a few other people. When we got there we had to wait in the reception area for someone called Paul (same name as me). When i asked why this was, Steve said it was because Paul had to show us around first before any work was undertaken. It was basically an induction, like the one at a gym. When i say work, i mean small menial tasks like giving the seats in the stadium a quick wash over. When Paul arrived he began to show us around the place. He told us that it was a work place so no one could mess about. They went into this room where there was a TV showing sky-sports news. There was a few people sitting down and also having a drink. They was probably on their break. We all sat around a table because i think one of the people from my college had to sign a few papers. Steve knew i didn’t like sitting around the table with all these people, so he asked me should we wait outside the room until they had finished. I obviously said yes. As we was waiting outside the room and chatting, a person went into the room where we had been in a few minutes before. After a short while he came out and was pushing a large trolley. And on it was a large dark brown box. Steve knowing a lot about the stadium told me that inside the box that was just wheeled out was the premier league trophy. I was glad to be this close although i didnt see it. Shortly after, the rest of the people came out of the room. We walked out of some doors and we was in the tunnels. The tunnels where the footballers walk out onto the pitch to thousands of cheering fans. It was fantastic. We saw where the players was interviewed after the match and continued up the tunnels onto the edge of the pitch. It was a big stadium but it was smaller than i expected. I asked Steve (when we was going out of the pitch) how many seats there was in it, and he said 48,000. At the edge of the pitch i saw just how pristine the grass was. Absolutely immaculate piece of ground. I would have loved to have gone on it, but there was a big fine if you did step on it. I saw the managers seat, where he would sit watching his army of footballers try to win the game. There must have been hundreds of emotions going on in that seat when he was there. On the right side of the pitch there was massive cranes towering over us. That was because the stadium was getting more seats. Steve mentioned it would have about 65 thousand all in all i think. After 10 minutes it was time to leave because my Taxi driver Javid would be waiting. I would be doing work next time i go there.

About an hour ago, on the news it said Princess Anne was at the exact same stadium i had been too. And then i vaguely remembered Paul said something about that when i was there, but i was too anxious to think correctly at the time. And she was there at the same time. I bet we nearly bumped into her. That would have been a great story to tell. Imagine when i was stood at the edge of the pitch, a royal came and stood next to us. That would have been nerve racking and amazing.

Even though i don’t support the club it was a great experience to have.

Thanks for reading.

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Since it is coming up to the end of the year i thought i would write about some of the things that i have improved upon throughout the year or accomplished. Probably my biggest improvement this year is going into a shop by myself and paying at the till. I never would have thought i could have done anything like this a year ago. A year ago my brother would say to me on one of our drives, he would say would i like to nip into a paper shop that we go past and go and get a Monster energy drink for him and one for me. And i would sit there in the van and try to talk myself into doing it as we neared the shop. But as we got closer and closer my thoughts and mind quickened. My heart-rate also started increasing and beating faster and faster and when we got there i had talked myself out of it. Then one day i surprised myself. We got there and my legs seemed to walk on their own to the shop. And i went in and i think there was only 1 other person in so i grabbed 2 monster energy’s and went to the till. I didn’t speak apart from the word “thankyou” when she had served me but it is progress. I thank my brother Adam for helping me do this because he talked me into going in but after months of other small steps that helped me get to that stage. Another Accomplishment of mine this year is that i got fitter. I have Adam to thank for that too because he is the one who i do exercise with. whether it be walking up Darwin or playing Tennis i always do it with Adam. i also have spurred Adam on getting fitter as well this year because of Tennis. I sometimes pushed him to go to the park and play Tennis when he didn’t want to. He would probably be glad of this now because he has gone really slim and he is a lot fitter. When we started doing exercise about 4 years ago he was about 18 stone. Now he is about 13 and a half stone. so he has really trimmed down. This year as well i try not to think about things that worry me so the anticipation doesn’t  build up. This enables me to push further and further into being able to live a normal life. It is hard work though. i may never live a normal life but every year if i continue to make further progress i could come close. One last thing i have achieved this year thanks to you is to have a blog that i am really proud of. If you wouldnt have like or followed me i wouldn’t have continued to write but you did so thankyou. I have just reached 100 followers the other day so that is a perfect way to round of the year of my accomplishments. Anyway I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new Year. Thanks for reading.

Hectic Day


Remember these posts are from a few weeks ago what i wrote on blogger, there’s only about 8 more to copy over then i will write up to date ones.Last night i didn’t get to sleep until about 4oclock in the morning because i had thoughts swimming around my head. At about 3.30am i watched 15 minutes of BRAVE (a Disney film) which settled me that’s why i eventually fell asleep. I woke up at 11am today to my sister coming in and telling me to get up because my brother Adam had booked tennis for 1pm. So i got up,had lunch, and then went to tennis. Today im glad to tell you i drew with him 2-2 (we only had 4 games today so we could practice our shots more without the pressure of a match). After i had been home an hour some relatives from Australia came to our house for a few hours, they have not been to England for over 30 years. I stayed in my room most of the time because i don’t really know them and im not really good at meeting new people. They are sleeping at my Nan and Grandads tonight and my Nan and Grandad are sleeping at my house because of room. After they had gone to Nan and Grandads i played outside with my little brother Tom for 20 minutes before his bath. I had a go on his skateboard and fell off and grazed my knee (ha ha). You should have seen my brothers face, the bigger the cut the more impressed he is (hes a typical boy). Later im going to go on The Last Of Us again because last night i only got to play it for 20 minutes because my PS3 was messing about (it wasn’t playing the cut scenes) so i will go on it for a good half an hour or so later. Then i will probably sit downstairs with everyone before going upstairs and watching YouTube for an hour. Then bedtime.

Bad with my nerves.


I go to a special college in Manchester for people with all different types of Autism. I go Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 1pm till 3pm. Now on Mondays our class goes and plays football.(This post happened a few weeks ago) So to start with everyone stands in a circle and started doing warmups whilst i stand outside of the circle because i don’t like it   (it makes me feel nervous). Then we ran around the pitch 5 times. Then finally to practice our shooting our teacher set us up and we each took turns to shoot at the net. I felt nervous waiting in the line because of the anticipation of my turn. We all had 2 shots each at the net and my second shot (i was the very last person to shoot) hit the top right of the football post and bounced up about 30 ft in the air and landed on a ledge behind a 15ft fence. Everyone started asking me questions then like “is it my football” ( which it is because i always bring mine in so everyone can play with it ) but because everyone kept asking me questions i felt a bit shaky and even more nervous.After that another teacher found a big pole and tried to push it back over but it slipped down from the ledge into a tight gap. anyway after we got another football from inside the college we started playing and our team won 1-0 a third teacher climbed over and got it ( he was like spider man) so i was very grateful. When i got home my mum wasn’t in and i remembered she said i might have to wait 10 minute’s for her to come back with the key. I waited 20 minutes in the back garden and then i heard my little brother running around  the side to see if i was there ( my grandad picks him up from primary school and brings him home ). They hadn’t got a key either so we had to wait another 30 minutes for mum to arrive back home with the key ( we couldn’t ring her because me or grandad both don’t have a mobile phone ). Anyway when i got  back home i  prepared myself for tennis  because i was going to the Reebok playing with my big brother. I will do another post later telling you  how it went. Thanks for reading.