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Ever since i started doing exercise to lose weight i have kept a couple of small pieces of paper in my room to record my weight. I weigh myself at around 10 o clock in the morning every Wednesday. You are supposed to weigh yourself at the same time and every week to keep a good idea of where you are in your weight loss. So here is my record of my weight:

JAN 15th 2014  14st, 4 and a half pounds

JAN 23rd 2014   14st, 2 and a half pounds   =  lost 2 pounds

JAN 29th 2014   14st, 1 pound   =  lost 1 and a half pounds

FEB 5th 2014     13,13 and a half  = lost 1 and a half pounds

FEB 12th 2014    13,12 and a half  = lost 1 pound

FEB 19th 2014   13,11 and a half = lost 1 pound

FEB 26th 2014    13,9 and three quarters = lost 1 and 3 quarters

MARCH 5th 2014  13, 9 and a half  = lost a quarter of a pound

MARCH 12th 2014 13, 8   = lost 1 and a half pounds

MARCH 19th 2014  13,9 and 3 quarters = put on 1 and 3 quarters

MARCH 26th 2014 13,6 and a half = lost 3 and a quarter pounds

APRIL 2nd 2014   13, 6 and a quarter = lost a quarter of a pound

APRIL 9th 2014  13,5 and three quarters = lost half a pound

APRlL 16th  2014 13, 3 and 3 quarters = lost 2 pounds.

So what do you reckon?  I have lost nearly 15 pounds in 14 weeks. My target was to get under 14 stone by the end of the year and i have easily smashed that. My new target is to try and get under the 13 stone mark. By the way a stone is 14 pounds. Its getting really hard to lose weight though now. I will probably tell you what i have been doing to lose weight in my next post. Thanks for reading.





It has been just over a week now since my mums operation. She is back at home now. When she first came home she was doing weird things.I think it was because of her tablets she was on for recovery and pain. She did things like, when she was going to sleep on the couch, she said mad things. For example the first thing she said was “ONE”. She sort of shouted it out in her sleep. Then the next thing she said when she was dropping off was something along the lines of “do it now, he wont be able to walk soon”. I dont know what the hell she was dreaming of. This stopped after a few days. Probably because she settled down after all of the stress and worry. Apart from that i think she may be a little aggravated. This is understandable because she is used to getting up and doing things, but she obviously cant now. The doctor told her to only lift the weight of a kettle half full. That is the maximum weight she can lift otherwise it would injure her stomach. She cant do hoovering for about 3 months. My nan has been a big help because she does the cleaning up and stuff for Mum. I have been helping Mum get up off the couch and things like that. I have done the hoovering once as well. My sister Jessica kicked off the other day, so that was stressful for Mum. Jessica even pushed Mum out of the way. She is lucky not to be injured. My stepdad Tim rang out of hours social workers to get some extra help, because Mum cant cope with Jess at the moment. I think they are looking into helping Jess get her own flat or something. Lets just say that it wasn’t a very good day, that day. Apart from that catastrophe everything is fine now.

In other news Adams back got better and so we was able to do our 5 day challenge. We finished it 2 days ago. It was tricky. After about 3 days in i found it harder to get up in the morning, probably because my body was fatigued. Even Adam said he found it harder to get up and he is fitter than me. I weighed myself yesterday and i now weigh 13 stone 12 and a half. I lost another pound this week. I wonder why though because i did 5 intense walks in 5 days with a 7 pound pack on and i lost 1 pound. The weeks before i was losing 1 and a half at least. Maybe i lost a bit of weight and put on some muscle. Especially on my legs because we walk uphill a lot. So i beat the challenge i set myself. I wanted to get under 14 stone before the end of the year and i have done it in just over a month. It just proves exercise is key. And of course a better diet. So i have now lost 6 pounds in just over a month. I am well impressed with myself. More good news i have now got 1 and a half week off from college. I will probably be doing more exercise with my time off. Thanks for reading and all of the support.

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