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Yesterday and today i have been to Tennis with my big brother Adam at the park. Trust me it does not seem a big deal when you see it written down but it was a big deal to do. Mostly because of the heat. Remember a few posts ago when i said it had reached high temperatures here? Well now it is even hotter than before. I am not joking when i say it ( or write it ) but it has been reaching close to 30 degrees here in Bolton.

For most people they would need a lot of encouragement to go in this weather but i am fortunate that i dont need any encouragement because i love to do sports. But the heat just saps your energy and you are dripping with sweat within 10 minutes of playing. Remember we live in England so our bodies are used to rain and weather below 10 degrees, so when it reached 30 degrees our bodies were in for a shock.

Anyway yesterdays tennis session went fine. At first we hit the ball to each other and tried to get a rally going, then after that we took it in turns to throw the ball while the other person hit the ball as close to the line as possible for accuracy practice. And after we played that I thought of the idea of placing our water bottle near the line and taking turns to see how close we could get the ball to it and hit it if possible. We both need to carry on practicing our accuracy because we both got it to about 5ft to the bottle. Which isn’t to bad but it could be a lot better.

After our practice we had a match. I am glad to tell you I won again 3 games to 1. I felt in the zone when we played, that’s why i think i did so well. Today we just practiced for about 45 minutes which is good but i love to have a match because i am a very competitive person. All in all we had 2 great days of tennis which i am very pleased about because i have definitely got my forehand shot back again now with topspin and its a great shot that can win vital points in our match. Thanks for reading.




I wrote this a few weeks ago on blogger. The reason i came to WordPress was because i kept getting views by bots and not real people, this is what i wrote. OK im back from tennis now. we have more or less the same routine every time we go. Firstly we start off by hitting a few long shots to each other for about half an hour to get our eye in (or eyes) then we have a match. We usually have about 6 games. Unfortunately today my big brother Adam won by 4 games to 2,then we warmed down a bit by doing a few more long shots again (usually we play the square game where we both stand near the net and have to try and get each other out by hitting it in the squares). To be honest im having a few problems with sports in general. For example today at football i didn’t score any goals or set anyone up, but usually i set 1 or 2 goals up and get 1 or 2 in myself (i play as a striker). And tennis for the past month or so i cant seem to beat Adam. oh well, im going to have a shower now and then go on THE LAST OF US for a hour. Its a new ps3 game which has had loads of good reviews and supposed to be one of the best games of this generation of consoles.

Thanks for reading.