IN OTHER NEWS…. (updates)


in other news

It has been well over a week since i got that darned strained groin. And i am pleased to tell you that i didnt even attempt to play football. I have to tell you though i found it tricky at first. Basically when i say i play football, recently it hasnt been normal football. It has been football golf. As it says in the name we play golf but with a football. We start from specific places around the front of the college, and we aim for an arch (which we usually play normal football in) in as little shots as possible. Its a great game. I actually researched this on the internet and it is an actual sport. Anyway my driver and my support worker of that day have played football golf and i have refereed them. This includes picking a tee off point and keeping a eye on them incase they try anything sneaky. Well i did that for all of that week and last week and this week i have been able to play the game for myself. I love it. I of course have been cracking on with my work aswell. I have done a practise english test and a practise maths test (i got around 95 % in my maths test, not sure about my English test yet). They gave me easy papers at first because they will see what level i am at by giving me progressivly harder papers. In other news, yesterday my 17 year old sister moved out of our house. She has gone into a little flat not far from here. It is supported living (because she has Autism) so they deal with all of her bills and things like that for her. Her boyfriend has been with her a lot of the time since she has been there so she will not find it as difficult. The big test will be when he is not there one night. I dont think she will like that, but we will have to see. I have very recently done a massive achievement. I want to save telling you about that untill my 100th post, because for me it is a really pleasing part of this year. So that has been about it recently. Thanks for reading.


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  1. ‘Glad your injury is healing…Fantastic that your playing a bit of sport…. Wow I can’t believe that your sister has moved out……. hope she finds her feet and manages with her independence.

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