My Mum woke up at 5 o’clock this morning to go into hospital for her operation. She went into surgery about half 9 this morning. For the past 2 days i started praying again at night for her and my family. Thank you to Vickie for saying those nice words, wishing her well. Anyway she went in and i think it took about 1 and a half hours. Oh by the way she had a hysterectomy and also a massive fibroid took out of her stomach. It grew that big that it grew its own blood supply. She was really worried about it for a few months so you can guess how worried she was just before it. My step-dad Tim took her up to the hospital and waited with her for a bit. But they told Tim he couldn’t stay, so my Mum was nervous because she had no one there with her. Anyway i took my mobile to college today (I charged it specially) so my Nan could text me and tell me how it went. Nan text about 1pm telling me everything was fine. I was so glad. I could enjoy football now that that had been sorted out. So later on after college at about 6pm, me, Tom,Tim and Adam went and visited her. I was nervous about going visiting her for a few hour before because i dont like seeing people when they look ill of different. It felt about the same nervousness as meeting a new person which is weird because it is only my Mum, who i have seen thousands of times. But i needed to visit her because i would have felt disappointed with myself. As soon as i saw her i was settled then. I had done the hard part. She looked very pale and tired. She had a tube draining blood from her stomach and a drip also. She kept on closing her eyes all the time whilst we was there because her body was tired because of the operation and she had been having morphine. She told us that when she had awoke she was in a lot of pain. Too much pain that she thought there was something wrong because she has a high pain thresh hold. Anyway it got that bad that she had too shout a nurse when she went past because she obviously cant get up to get one. When the nurse was trying to figure out what it was she discovered that Mums machine hadn’t been working. How is that for bad luck. So Mum had been lying there in pain with no painkillers. After about 40 minutes there me and Adam went and got Mum a magazine from the hospital shop with Tim’s money. Adam had already got Mum some grapes and chocolates and a card. And i am hoping to order Mum a present on the internet soon. After we had got that Adam went and we went 20 minutes later. Everyone gave her a hug as we left. It was a shame for Tom because he was quite whilst we was there because he seemed sad. He started crying on the way home saying that he didn’t want to leave. It was a big shock for him seeing Mum like that. He just wants her home like we all do. We comforted him on the way home. He was still upset 20 minutes later so i watched a bit of lord of the rings with him to settle him down. He is still upset now at his bedtime but not as much as before. So that’s it then. My Mum is alright now after all of that worry. Thanks for everyone’s support.

Unfortunately on the third day of mine and Adams 5 day challenge Adam hurt his back helping Dad move furniture. So to avoid damaging it further we are having a break until about Thursday where we will start the 5 day challenge again. Tut. After all that work as-well. Oh well it was unavoidable. Oh and I was writing this post and got through about 3 quarters of it when i accidentally deleted all of it. When i asked Tim is there a way to undo it he said press control and Z. And it worked so that is a little tip for you. Please follow, like and share. Thanks for reading.



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  1. Hello, Paul. It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope your mother gets well soon. I remember when my mother had a hysterectomy. I was only ten years old. Seeing her in the hospital looking so pale and tired scared me, so I understand how difficult that can be.

  2. Hello Paul,
    A few years ago I had several surgeries. My son is like you and does not like doctors or hospitals. His grandma came to stay with him while I was at the hospital so I understand that they can be very scary places. I hope your mom is doing better and maybe home by now. I’m sure you can be a big help to her as she recovers.

  3. Back on land with internet. Looked for an update about your mom. Hope she is doing much better and is back home at this point!

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